Blood Tests

Hey T-Nation folk,

I havent been on in a while cos Ive been a lil bit sick…but all good now.

First off, im getting a blood test and full checkup tomorrow and wondering what should be checked…So far I’ve got Test, free test, TSH, LDL, HDL and estrogen/estriadol.

If there’s andything else Ive missed please let me know

Another thing over the past 4-5 weeks while i was sick I still got to the gym but hardly ate any food other than before and after training. I lost 4-5kg (~10 lbs) but no strength drops at all? This is a little confusing to me so if someone could enlighten me about this it would also be appreciated


Maybe its cause you kept your neurological pathways for lifting refreshed by not stopping lifting. When I got my appendix taken out I couldn’t lift anything for a few months but worked in some body weight stuff. When I got back in the gym (+20 lbs lighter) I think my squat had dropped like 10 lbs it wasn’t much.

Unless you have like MD or some debilitating disease I wouldn’t think that you’d lose much strength.

As far as blood tests go you can just say what you’d like to have checked hormones/body functions/toxins and the doc will order the correct ones assuming he isn’t a quack. One think I might ask for if I was you would be heavy metals, having a large amount in your blood can lead to all types of fun problems.