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Blood Tests

I feel I need to get blood work done which specific tests should I ask for. I’ll I can think of is Testosterone (I’m not sure free, binding , total? I don’t know if I have that right. Estrogen, Thyroid, tsh etc, Liver < Not sure what to request, cortisol, insulin ???

Scott: When you say “I feel I need to get blood work done”, whatcha’ lookin’ for, bro? Or what’s the problem? (I could probably help get you get started in the right direction)…

Things just have not been going well, decreased sex drive, that whY I figured I should get T tested and Estrogen and cortisol, Easy weight gain, difficult leaning out despite valliant efforts, Thyroid, TSH? what other test regarding thyroid? I also want to check insulin related tests.

If you are just asking to get a baseline, ask for a CBC/Chem panel (includes cholesterol, blood count, minerals, etc) as well as a Thyroid panel, and a male sex hormone panel. Check out www.lef.org for more details on recommended bloodwork.

A good start:

CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (Labs will have different names for this, but it’s the panel that gives you an “overview” of the major organ systems) and Urinalysis

Free T4, TSH

Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Sex Binding Globulin, 17B-Estradiol

Lipid Panel (The total cholesterol will usually be in the Comprehensive).

This is a start! Hope this helps!