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Blood Tests - What to Ask?


H guys, ive ran a few cycles in the past buy never had blood tests. When going to my doctor what exactly should i ask for? Thanks.


Just tell him that you've taken steroids and want to check all your levels are normal.
Don't see why everyone is paranoid about telling their doctors that they've taken steroids, doctors are legally bound to keep all your information confidential, even if it's illegal.

They are only allowed to release information if police have a warrant or if you are endangering others. So just tell him you've taken steroids and he should know what tests to give. He'll probably just tick all the boxes on what to get tested.


It's not the doctor's disclosure that people should be worried about, it's their own. There are any number of instances (new health insurance provider, new life insurance policy, party to lawsuit) where you would be asked to provide your medical records.

If it were me, I would be much more comfortable going through someone like privatemdlabs.com and checking my T levels, E2, FSH, and LH levels as well as getting a CBC. If you used orals, you may want to get liver function tests as well.

OP: Is this just because you're curious or do you have specific symptoms?

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I ask because ive read threads and people have got results but they forgot to check something important.


To be honest i found it hard to build muscle when i was natural and i had a pretty low libido all my life. on cycle i feel great, build muscle and fuck like a pornstar. im worried i have naturally low test. im off cycle again, eating very well training hard and libido is dead and weight has dropped a lot!


Read the stickeys in the TRT forum..there is one for suggested bloodwork...that will be a good start for you