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Blood Tests, Thinking of Self Medicating

Hey guys first post here, any help appreciated.

Very hard to gain muscle/loose fat. I’ve been lifting for 12 YEARS, my diet was in check most time, I’ve managed to gain to 200lbs 6ft, but this year i’ve lose 20lbs! lost strenght, motivation, gym doesnt interest me anymore…Nothing changed basically

  • Anxiety. I’m feeling unease alot, it’s hard to talk sometimes and think of words, always thinking what others will think of me etc. mostly insecure thoughts? And I used to be the center of atention before.

  • Sleep! Im sleeping 8-10 hours and I wake up fatigued? In the midday Im starting yawning and want just to lie down.

  • SEX: My erection is OK, but the libido isnt there.

-Body aches/ injuries. I developed some PROSTATE problems?? wtf Im only 25 tho. And my back hurts, my shoulders hurts…

I’ve been tested for prolactinoma and none was found. I was put on cabergoline 2 years go. At first it helped I’ve felt normal, but not anymore.

I’ve done few tests in two years:

They don’t test free test in my country :confused: and these are from most recent to oldest

Testosterone total: 12,7nmol/L ,13,53. 17, 15 . the range : 8 - 29 nmol/L

SHBG: 40, 39 , 40 ranges: 18-54 nmol** /L

E2: 129, 94 , 40 ranges: 28-150 pmol/l

LH 6.1 , 5.1 , 7.1 IUl , ranges 1,7-8.6 ( the highest it been was 13 before starting cabergoline!)

FSH 2, 2.1 , 2 ranges: 1,5-12,4

PROLACTIN 325, 70 , 60 ranges 86 -324 pmol/l

TSH,FT3,FT4, vit d were all in ranges

TT is low, SHBG somewhat high and this means FT is expected to be low. Your labs are pointing towards testicular failure.

You should be seeing high testosterone with LH close to the top of the ranges. Thyroid labs in range is vague, elevated TSH (in range) and high prolactin may be linked.

The Tru-T calculator has your FT at 10.84 (ranges 16-31). You’re not going lose body fat and gain muscle with these testosterone levels, in fact you’re looking at cardiovascular problems at these levels.

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TSH was 1.72 mu/L 0.27- 4.2 range. But this was a half year ago or so.
Yes it doesnt suprise me, how my body looks ( all fat is on lower abdomen) weak upper body, all this despite lifting my all life since 14 im turning 26 next month

Low testosterone men will carry their fat in the belly and hips, when I went on TRT without lifting weights or excercise, within 6 weeks I lost fat around my waistline and the fat disappeared around my hips.

You next challenge will be locating a doctor that is knowledge in testosterone.

Since in my country the doctors are very frigid, and oldschool they dont prescribe trt. There is one urologist who’s young and ive read hes doing trt so thats and idea. But also I can get my hands on some test e/c and do it myself, but having docs script would be a lot nicer due my work in military etc… just want to get this fixed asap

His SHBG is 40. That means on TRT it’ll likely be 20-30. A majority of the absolute miserable folks here (not their fault) have SHBG below 25. I would hate to have below 25 SHBG. Those guys are lucky to find a protocol that gets them to feel not bad much less amazing. I truly feel for the low SHBG guys. Obviously this is total speculation and I may not have any clue what I’m taking about but I see it constantly. I’m so thankful to have SHBG in the mid-thirties to low-forties on TRT.

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Same here.

Am 25, with terribly low testosterone levels. I started self-medicating 70mg E3D. Have only had one shot and my morning wood is back. Feel more energetic. I am actually surprised I feel this good with just one shot two days ago. Maybe it’s all just in my head.

Whats the so much issue of low shbg except they need to inject more often?

They have issues at moderate doses. I don’t know that injection frequency is the cure for low SHBG as much as having to use low doses. You can argue the low doses put them at levels that regular folks get with higher doses and that may be true numbers-wise but they don’t seem to get all the off positives that normally come with TRT. From what I’ve seen here they usually find a dose that makes them feel decent vs optimal. Having never had low SHBG I’m just talking about what I see and it may not necessarily be true so take it with a grain of salt.

So are you saying that my SHGB is rather low and will get lower on TRT?

Your SHBG is not low, but will decrease some on TRT, probably to about 30 which would be really good.

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I’m saying it’s not high and will be lower on TRT

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Allright so got another test, my LH dropped in half, everything else mostly same:
Testosterone 14.9 nmol/L total 8-29 range
Lh 3.3 iu/l range 1.2-8.4
Fsh 1.7 range 1.2-19.27 is it not too low?
Prolactin 55 mlu/l range 56-264
Estradiol 89.7 pmo/l range men lower than 127
Shbg 40 nmol/l range 18-54 nmol

I wonder what will happen to my SHBG.

In April it was 32, but since I took for a short clomid and I’m taking caber ever since then now my SHBG is 52. Im not sure when to start reducing the caber dosage, maybe once I start to feel better on TRT?

Wonder how much will SHBG decrease with 20mg ED injections


Your SHBG will be lower than whatever it is but likely not by a crazy amount. You won’t know until you test it later on.

Can you check new blood results?

LH is different every time you test it. It is secreted on pulses so you dont know what will be the pulse when they draw your blood.

So, some people are suggesting running clomid or power pct to start restore my lh/fsh levels and test? Clomid raises SHBG tho right? And is it not temporary just raising with clomid and going back to same levels after?

You’re not ever going to produce enough testosterone naturally to overcome your SHBG problem, natural Test does nothing to lower SHBG. Clomid will increase SHBG and a new level of suffering will ensue, you stop clomid and LH falls again and you are at square one again.

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Thank you. Does increased smelly sweating and prostate problems have anything to do with low testosterone?