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Blood Tests on Sale

If you are paying for blood work out-of-pocket, read on.
If your insurance covers your lab work, this is not for you.

Male Hormone Lab panel on sale at LEF.org


The above test does not cover FSH or LH, but when on TRT, those items are not of any value.

Members save around $100 over regular member prices.

LEF.org has a sale every April for lab work. You need to be a member to get these good prices.

Look under products | blood tests for other labs, also on sale.

You get a lab slip for Lab-Corp and go to a local blood draw location. Results typically in one week.

I get one early in April for immediate use and another at the end of the sale to have one for use 6 months later. The lab slips are good for 6 months. If ‘expired’, simply call and they will create a new one.

Last year the sale was extended to mid May, but that may not happen again.

You cannot get your insurance to pay for lab work arranged this way.

My doc provides me with lab slips and I order via LEF. I do not have insurance that covers TRT. Same work at your doctors office without insurance can be much more costly.

Thanks KSMan. I have been monitoring my Test and E levels about every two months and I am due for one. I would not have known about this sale, had it not been for you.

ks man is the estradiol test from them what i would be looking for to keep track of e2

yes to E2 test, that is what I have been using