Blood Tests: Low T and High Estrogen. TRT or AI?

Your issue isn’t only that your T is low, but also your SHBG is low, forget about those useless ranges you got there, anything below an SHBG of 20 nmol/L is low. SHBG activates and regulates T so even if you have T in the middle to upper ranges you still have too little SHBG.

You can forget about injecting once weekly with SHBG that low, TRT will likely be challenging for you and you will require more frequent injections everyday since those with SHBG lose a lot of their T which is dumped into the urine.

You’ll be lucky if you feel anything at all, most low SHBG guys feel as if their injecting water or get little benefit. TRT will lower your already low SHBG even further, likely into the single digits. Typically low thyroid function, obesity, fatty liver and diabetes is associated will lower SHBG.

All that FT does little if you don’t have enough SHBG to deliver any of it to receptor sites, you’re excreting most of it into the urine. You need a full thyroid panel and please visit our thyroid sticky and track body temps upon waking and 12 noon using glass thermometer, fT3 thyroid hormone directly correlates to body temperatures. If low you’re iodine deficient, most are.