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Blood Tests: Low T and High Estrogen. TRT or AI?


Here are the test Results : (its not eng. but i think you will be able to read it)

So, the estrogen is higher than it is supposed to be + SHGB seems to be on the very low end, also, my TST seems to be very low for my age (24).
Free tst seems to be higher than it is supposed to be tho.

I have been thinking about TRT for a long time. But the issue is that where I live, I wont be able to get on it ‘‘legally’’ because doctors here know almost nothing about it.

The only option would be self treatment. (as much as i don’t wanna do it I have no other choice apart from traveling to other country)

I have few symptoms of low T such as : low libido, weak erections, no morning wood - if TRT is going to increase my quality of life, I am willing to sacrifice injecting every week for the rest of my life.
2 years back i was tested with similiar T levels, i had high prolactin levels tho which i do not have anymore with the latest tests.

About the higher estrogen : I eat a lot of chicken and as we all know, chicken is pumped with a lot of hormones, could that possibly be the case ? I was thinking about replacing the chicken with beef.

My backround : 6’5’’ about 250 pounds lifting almost every day, generaly very healthy individual,never used roids, I used to take hair loss pills but it started giving me gyno so i immediately stoped and used nolvadex and letrozole. This was 3-4 years back tho, could this have something with my current estrogen levels or lower T ?

Someone recommended me exemestane 12.5mg e3d for 2 weeks and see what that does first, when i reseacherd that AI it makes sense, what are your thoughts on that ? Would i have to stay on it my whole life or a ‘‘cycle’’ like that would get my Estrogen levels where it is supposed to be ? Maybe the higher Estrogen limits my TST ?

Anyways, I will be very thankful for any advice or inside :slight_smile:

Your issue isn’t only that your T is low, but also your SHBG is low, forget about those useless ranges you got there, anything below an SHBG of 20 nmol/L is low. SHBG activates and regulates T so even if you have T in the middle to upper ranges you still have too little SHBG.

You can forget about injecting once weekly with SHBG that low, TRT will likely be challenging for you and you will require more frequent injections everyday since those with SHBG lose a lot of their T which is dumped into the urine.

You’ll be lucky if you feel anything at all, most low SHBG guys feel as if their injecting water or get little benefit. TRT will lower your already low SHBG even further, likely into the single digits. Typically low thyroid function, obesity, fatty liver and diabetes is associated will lower SHBG.

All that FT does little if you don’t have enough SHBG to deliver any of it to receptor sites, you’re excreting most of it into the urine. You need a full thyroid panel and please visit our thyroid sticky and track body temps upon waking and 12 noon using glass thermometer, fT3 thyroid hormone directly correlates to body temperatures. If low you’re iodine deficient, most are.

Ok i read the Sticky.

So tests for :

Reverse T3
free T3
free T4

Anything else that i should get tested or is that it ? I will also start tracking Body temps and report on it.

Lets say my thyorid gland is not functioning properly, is that causing my SHGB to be low along with my TST ?

If my thyorid is fine, what is the next step for me ? How do i go about the low SHGB ?

Last but not least, what do i do about the high E2 ? Is that exemestane stupid idea ?

Thanks !

Update :

I have been tracking body temps all week here are the results :

3.2 - 96.98 evening 23:30 before bed
4.2 - 97.52 10:30 morning
5.2 - 97.7 11:40 after waking up then 96.44 at 14:20 then 97.88 before bed
6.2 - 96.98 12:05 after waking up, then 96.62 at 13:40 then 97.16 0:00 before bed
7.2 - 97.52 13 00 wake up time then 98.06 1h after workout - 18:30
8.2 - 96.8 12 30 wake up time then 97.52 at 14:50 then at 20:30 - 98.24
9.2 - 97.34 wake up time at 14:10

My wake up times are inconsistent as you can see but yeh these are the numbers.

Am i looking for IR ? I can’t rly tell because the numbers are so inconsistent…

Also, they tested my free t3+t4 ( this was tested from my old blood sample which was frozen for like a week, they did not have enough blood for TSH so i just have these 2, is it necessary to go for a second blood drain for TSH or is this enough ? Because I dont feel like going there for blood drain for 1 test lol)

T3 - 5.96 pmol/l 3.70-6.60
T4 - 19.43 pmol/l 10.50-22.70

Both appear to be OK.

So 2 questions :

  1. Do i need Iodine ?
  2. Sup with the higher estradiol ?



Both do look great, is T3 actually fT3? If rT3 is elevated it won’t matter where your fT3 is at since rT3 blocks fT3.

Again incomplete testing. You’re trying to explain low temperature but only testing half of what you need…?

your orig ? was to try an ai first, i say go for it and see what happens. You have to lower your e2 anyway. be carefull you can easily crash the estradiol. I would def do bloods after 10 days of ai to see where you are at. retake shbg, total t, free t, estradiol sensitive. once you get estradiol down you may see an increase in t and free t. then you may stop the AI to see of the e2 maintains.

I dont have your age but usual older folk convert more of their natural T to e2. if you are young maybe resetting the e2 to a lower level may do the trick. maybe.

alot of this is not down to a specific protocol that everyone can use. You just need to try things to see if they work for you. ALso , i just realized no test for LH and FSH, unless i missed it. Thats important to determine later on if it is your balls or pituitary not working.

edit, i see the lh and fsh. seems low normal, retake after your AI experiment.

Yes they are fT3+fT4 tests

I read this:

-T3 no see fT3
-T4 no see fT4

from sticky (what to test for thyorid) so i figured not to test t3+t4 and just ft3+ft4 + TSH… guess i was wrong.

Additionaly like i said they didn’t have enough blood for other tests anyways. I would have to go there for another drain.

I would also add that i do ice cold showers and have pretty low room temperature (I am used to cold), whenever my gf comes she always feel cold and asks me to turn the heating up on higher temperatures…not sure if that has to do anything with the body temps…

I am from Slovakia, the estradiol is not the sensitive type and they told me that they don’t do the sensitive test…(LC/MS method)

Guys from other forums advised me to not to the the AI as the estradiol test that i took is irrelevant and that I will most likely crash my e2, not to mention that the AI also lowers SHGB which is low as it is…

I am 24 yo it is in the first post :slight_smile:

Well I guess I need to go for another blood drain for complete thyorid labs ?


Note that E2 levels raise SHBG, so you don’t want E2 low.

well, thats what i was concerned about