Blood tests - Bill Roberts

I just had my blood tested for testosterone levels and I’ve been on 4-AD-EC for a few days (one dose a day). I know very little of it converts to testosterone but how many percent of it actually converts to testosterone? Will that skew my test results?



It is impossible (well, wouldn’t be impossible with radiolabeled 4-AD-EC but this has not and realistically isn’t going to be done) to determine what percentage of detected T in the blood is from conversion of 4-AD and which is of endogenous (internal) origin. However, I’m sure that the conversion is enough to completely screw your results! The amount produced by conversion of 4-AD can be at least approximately equal to normal production, given that administration of 4-AD can sometimes double T levels relative to baseline. (So assuming little suppression, that would be equal to endogenous production; with some suppression, it could be more.)