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Blood Tests Back

I got my blood test results back. I take 100mg of test cypionate a week at the time of these blood tests and no AI was used at all. After these resutls I started on 6mg of aromasin every other day. I dont have that great erections is the reason for adding it in and I have tiny bit of water retention in my cheek area. And remeber this is Pmol/l. I am in Canada. What are your guys thoughts on these results and me adding in aromasin after I got the results back?

Free test 646 reference range 196-636 pmol/L
Estradiol 91 refereance range < 150 pmol/L

Anyone have any input or thoughts on this matter?

I have no direct knowledge of aromasin, but you do need to reduce your E2. Did you get a CBC?

Yeah I got a CBC. Everything was in normal range. Do you know what a good e2 level is for me?

I’m not sure in pmol/L but I believe I’ve seen a conversion chart that says 22pg/ml=6pmol/L. If so, you are way out of whack. But I urge you to check this conversion on your own.

What is a good e2 level in pg/ml?

22 seems to be the sweet spot. Yours is high, I just have no idea how aromasin works. I use anastrozole.

22 pg/ml is 80 pmol/l, you do not need an AI for this dose of T. 91 pmol/l= 25 pg/ml. So you’re good.

Wow, I’m glad you jumped in. I was way off. Mea culpa…

How come I hold a tiny bit of water then? I thought water is estrogen related?

There are other factors that impact a thing like this. 25 is not high at all though.

What other factors could it be? It has always been this way from the first few weeks of going on TRT and I have been on it almost 4 years now.

Look for potential food sensitivities! Gut problems and so on. I personally am not that familiar with this, you could research more. However, I am positive that e2 is not a reason for this.