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About a year ago, actually it was a week after I returned from the florida biotest seminar. I herniated my l5 s1 and had to have surgery. I was in the hospital for a week with a moriphine drip and was on other meds for awhile. Since then I have not gained my stamina and drive back, have gained fat weight and feel fatigue, have a hard time getting up for workouts. A last blood test I had done showed some high levels for the liver. Would like to get a complete array of blood tests done, have good insurance and will pay for the rest. Have used gear in the past and want to make sure everything is right. what specific tests should I have my DR do

Make sure he checks thyroid function by checking thyroid stimulating hormone in addition to thyroid hormone level.

Would like more specefic names of some tests. thyroid test? t-level tests and tests to look at the liver and other names of some tests to get everything checked over

any help