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Blood Tests After Cycle - ALT Issue

Hi everyone. I’m a french guy, practicing bodybuilding for futur competition. My height is 1m96 and i weight 126 kg. I’m at 11% of fat mass

I have an issue regarding my ALT numbers in my last blood test.

I was cycling steroids TRT for 15 months, switching every 6 weeks to a different juice. I had to take a break from the TRT last march. I did use the HGH to manage my T level back to normal and have no issue. Everything came back good as it supposed to be.
6 weeks after stopping taking shots I had my blood tested, everything was almost good except for my ALT, I had 139
10 weeks later (16 all together) I had another blood test to see if everything about my ALT was back to something normal. I was planning with my coach to get back on another cycle of TRT. i was having 136 ALT in the beginning of august.
Is this normal that my ALT is that high ? I’ve been looking about any info about that. I’ve learn that heavy training before the blood test can impact the results and specially if my diet is a lot about protein. I’m pretty massive and in fact I’ve more than the average of red blood cells.

My coach refuse to let me start the new cycle until my ALT gets down. Is no doctor and he fear something that can be nothing at all.

I can give more info about the blood test, I’ve them digitally.
Did you guys think that I can go back on a new cycle ?

I’ll appreciate any answer.
Sorry for my poor English.

Have a good day to all of you out there.

"3. Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), Aspartate aminotransferase (AST)
The liver has many roles in the body. For one, it plays a role in the conversion of amino acids. Two enzymes that are involved in the conversion of amino acids are ALT and AST. These enzymes are commonly used as a surrogate marker for damage to the liver.

ALT is found mostly in the liver so it’s more specific to hepatocellular damage (liver damage). AST is found in the cytosol of many other cells like muscle, brain, lung and pancreas, which makes it less specific to the liver. AST and ALT have both been found to be elevated after acute bouts of training. One study found that levels can be elevated for up to 7 days after a bout of lifting in men not used to weight training.

The muscle damaged incurred during heavy endurance training or lifting releases the enzymes into the bloodstream which will then cause the blood tests to be elevated. High-protein diets have also been shown to increase the concentration of these enzymes. The rise doesn’t occur from damage but because the body upregulates the production of these enzymes as you consume more protein.

You can see how combining hard training with a high-protein diet can cause elevations in AST and ALT. Now, of course, there can be a disease process occurring as well. So you shouldn’t just write off elevations, especially in conjunction with other symptoms like abdominal pain, jaundice, change in stool color, and darkening of the urine. (Of note, alcohol and medications can also cause increases in liver values.)"


Thank you for sharing this article. I did read the full article a few weeks ago.
As I supposed to have ALT between 10 and 50, I was wondering if only training hard the day before and protein diet could explain a 136 ALT. And I got my answer!!

I have been trying to lower my ALT with herbal medication especially for liver. I did take a 36 hours break from training before I got my blood tested again this morning. I just got the call from the lab and I have 65 !!!
For everyone that’s interested. I did use some Bardane Powder and Chardon-Marie (Silybum marianum) those can be find in pharmacy.

I’m very glad that i can start my cycle back again.

Thank you for your time.

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