Blood Tests, 48m

TSH 2.040 0.450-4.500 uIU/mL Final MB
Thyroxine (T4) 7.7 4.5-12.0 ug/dL Final MB
T3 UPTAKE 28 24-39 % Final MB
Testosterone, Serum 314 L 348-1197 ng/dL Final MB
Comment: Comment Final MB
Comment: Adult male reference interval is based on a population of lean males
up to 40 years old.
LH 6.2 1.7-8.6 mIU/mL Final MB
FSH 4.8 1.5-12.4 mIU/mL Final MB
PROLACTIN 8.3 4.0-15.2 ng/mL Final MB
DHEA-Sulfate 108.7 71.6-375.4 ug/dL Final MB
Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 19.9 16.5-55.9 nmol/L Final MB

Description Value H/L Reference
Unit Status Lab
Insulin-Like Growth Factor I 246 H 67-205 ng/mL Final BN
TESTOSTERONE,FREE 6.56 5.00-21.00 ng/dL Final BN
% Free Testosterone 2.09 1.50-4.20 % Final BN

Little confused.

THey didn’t do estrogen, not sure why.

The LH and FSH are relatively high.

Test is low, but not as low as I thought it’d be.

Maybe I don’t need test replacement?

Numbers are meaningless without symptoms! Your test is low. Treatment depends on your needs. What do you mean low enough? Symptoms do not appear at a magical number for T or E. People do not understand that when T is low for you, you are hypogonadal! It does not matter if you have 100 TT or 400ng/dl. Symptoms are mostly going to be same provided you’re low enough. That’s why getting someone up from low 200 TT to 400 is not useful for patients though you go from low to “normal”.

What he said^^^. This is why we need a little history with symptoms. And YES estradiol needs to be tested. Scares me when it’s not ordered by doc. Makes me go hmm.

I assume there was a reason you had your hormones tested. Please tell us…

fat, poor workouts (long recovery, decreasing strength), zero sex drive, although possibly due to SSRI.

Really need to see where your E2 levels are. Being fat causes more T->E2. I’m 54 and I had low libido, no morning wood, didn’t give a shit about anything. Couldn’t build any muscle, etc. TRT has turned that all around. Get some GOOD help.

Your doc NEEDS to be on board with self-injecting T cyp twice/week. Taking anastrozole to control E2 and possibly hcg injections. Run if he mentions topicals or if he’s not concerned about E2!

he is on board with T cype, HCG, possible anti-estrogen if needed, self injecting.

I’m a little hazy on IM vs. subQ, I’d rather do subQ, but it seems the oil is too thick.

They seem only familiar with IM.

Not sure why they didn’t measure estrogen. Very strange.

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Nice growth hormone level

Got some injections today. Not sure how long it takes to feel them.

still don’t think I feel anything. Maybe a little.

Are you referring to TRT? I’m 6 weeks in and have not felt much. It will build up and can take upto 3-5 months to have significant effects that can be felt. Other effects can take upto a year. You need to be patient. Looking for effects in a day is quite weird.

I had a test for primary/secondary hypogonadism and they injected me with LH or maybe it was HCG and measured my test output. This was years ago. The next few days my energy etc. were through the roof.

If you take a steroid cycle, you’ll notice it pretty quickly, so although the amounts are lower, it’s not strange to think you’d feel something relatively quickly from HRT.

Yes but I’ve never heard anyone actually having real Effects in a day. 2-3 weeks sure.

Should test fT3, fT4 index and uptake are obsolete and predate fT3, fT4 labs
TSH=2.04 is too high, should be nearer to 1.0
Outer eyebrows sparse?
Generalized hair thinning?
Get cold easily?
Not been using iodized salt?

You can self inject T cyp, IM or SC with 0.5ml [not 1.0ml] #29 1/2" insulin syringes, ~$14/100 at Walmart/SAMs - Relion house brand, made by BD.

I have general hair thinning. Eyebrows not sparse, definitely don’t get cold easily. Use iodized salt regularly.

Seem to be sleeping better, very vivid dreams.

definitely feeling more energetic. Had a workout yesterday and don’t feel wiped out today. So that’s good. I will keep you all apprised.

First injection was 10 days ago, 2nd 5 days ago.

Definitely feel something, more energy , libido, better workouts, better mood. Feels like I can contract a little harder. Long workouts don’t wipe me out.

Psyched for more improvement.

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had a great workout last night, boundless energy.

Even though the last shot had been a week ago, still felt great last night.

I’m going to start taking kelp with iodine capsules. Can’t hurt, I guess.

Training: Watch your form and methods. Muscle strength can improve rapidly for some guys. But connective tissue can take a months or years to respond as those tissues are not vascular. So you need to avoid tearing connective tissue.

How exactly are you injecting what?
AI? hCG?

Yes, what nashtide said!!! I fell into that trick with Doc not being on board!