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Blood Tests. 30 on TRT, High TSH and E2

Hi guys!

I recently got these bloods, and I’m concerned about my TSH and e2 levels. There are also other issues (LDL, HDL, hematocrit etc.) but they are relatively easy to deal with.

These are the full results:

highlights: pretty high total T and free T, but high e2 and TSH while T3/T4 are normal.

I’m only on test (200mg/week, will probably lower it by a bit to sit around 1100) and HCG, and not experiencing any high e2 symptoms (and have had high e2 for years). I do have some anastrozole that I’m considering trying. I’m more worried about my TSH, which has been high for about a year now (it used to be high 4 years ago then settled for whatever reason, now it’s up again). I had some really bad symptoms that I believe are thyroid related, where I felt a lump in my throat and I would wake up choking because my airways got blocked when falling asleep. That lasted for a fun week or two and is better now but I obviously want my TSH back to normal. Considering the normal T3/T4, what should I do? I’m going to see an endo when I get back home but unfortunately my traveller’s insurance (abroad for 2 more months) will not cover it, and it’s super expensive (cali).


You need to see an endo to diagnose your thyroid issues. Your dose is also too high. I would lower that before adding any AI. You may want to donate blood too.

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You need free T3 and reverse T3 tests.

Your trt dose is way high ( high free t high RBC high hct) Causing symptoms. Btw your e2 is probably not high since your t is very high. Ratio matters.

I would lower dose ASAP. What was your TSH before injections?

Also, how are you feeling TRTwise? Your SHBG must be almost zero. Get your thyroid evaluated and fixed. If you’re hypothyroid, fixing that will increase SHBG and bring your free test down.

I’ve had measurements of 3.5 and 6 (TSH) before, so I don’t think it’s the test, but I’ll lower my dose regardless. I’ve also had a previous result of about 1000 total test with 85 e2. I’ve only been on 200/wk for 6 weeks.

Will do, thanks

I feel ok, I’ll go get a more comprehensive check this friday. I’m thinking:

reverse T3
vitamin D