Blood Testing

When you get a blood test done what does it tell you exactly? I know i’ve gotten one or two done before but i’ve never gotten the results. Does it tell anything that would be useful to building a better body like glucose levels/test levels…etc. Any info is much appreiciated :slight_smile:

Well it very well could tell you that. It depends on what they test it for.

You can have simply one thing checked or a Plethora of things including what you listed and thyroid, cholesterol, hormone levels, etc…

I recently had basic blood work done and asked the doctor if I could get my Test levels etc. He said unless there is a good medical reason I would have to pay for it myself.

Besides personal interest blood test results, if they are not mentioned by the physician means simply that they are within normal limits.

Also they only ones which might be of interest to the average guy are cholesterol and glycemia (glycemia you could get the machine yourself or get the test done at a local pharmacy) but again, if nothing is noted than they are ok.

All the other tests that might be of interest such as testosterone, thyroid and others are not done for screening(like said above, you need a medical reason to warrant this) and again you’ll fall within their rather large normal limits.

I got a couple of blood tests with everything (basically everything) in it and besides telling me everything was fine and dandy, it doesn’t really help at all.


If the link works, its an article Cy Willson wrote about all the different things regular blood tests check for, and how to understand the results.

Its called “Level With Me, Doc? How Long Have I Got?”

A lot of interesting stuff!

So…what things should I have tested? Thanks for the article link by the way

[quote]Rookie21 wrote:
So…what things should I have tested? Thanks for the article link by the way[/quote]

Get a full blood workup or panel

If for no other reason than a baseline

And I wouldn’t worry too much about test-- unless you have some symptoms that concern you. The full panel checks a myriad of things that could be beneficial for health/fitness purposes.