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Blood Testing in the IPF


Logic would lead you to think that, but you'd still be wrong. People fail IPF drug tests all the time, it's almost become commonplace. I don't understand why though. In the olympics, you have to compete clean and some people don't want to. However, in powerlifting, if you don't want to compete clean, then you don't have to.

I can't believe people are making that big of a deal of a blood test. You guys afraid of tainted thermometers and blood pressure cuffs, too?


Only when they use the small cuff, it makes my hand turn purple.


I'm thinking all of you who are bitching about us who don't like the blood tests are just sore losers and are hoping the guys who keep beating you will get caught :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew you would figure me out eventually.


HA! I knew it! Lol except you can bench more than me using 1 arm. Haha I could be using gear and you would still have a better total.


i for one hate the USAPL and the IPF with a passion. i think the testing should be done, and if you want to not get tested while pling in the US, then have fun cuz i believe that most of the EFTS guys are on something, i know McMillan is, i talked to one of his buddies that my football coach and he even thinks josh is on roids, so i think more of those guys are on it.

verdict: gather some intestinal fortitude and take the blood/hair/piss test if you want to get a medal

LOL Ok let me rephrase this in proper grammar because I know everyone on here is a fuckin english major and had their PHD in it...assholes. Anyways what I was getting at is even though it sucks, dont bitch about it even if it is a pain in the ass, and just do it...or start taking test yourselves haha.


ooook, well you are banned from ever speaking again.

"i talked to one of his buddies that my football coach and" <--- what were you trying to say there? Is his friend your football coach, does your football coach know his friend, what the hell?



I'd pay 70 euro for a glass of your urine--wait? Is that wrong?



At first you believe, then you know, then someone else thinks, and then you think.

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm convinced.


Awesome perpetuation of rumors skills!


A question: I had my blood drawn for immigration purposes and they tested for drugs, HIV and syphilis. Drawing the blood took about a minute, and was not physically taxing. Is that the type of testing they will be doing in the IPF or is it more like donating blood?


Maybe it's because i'm not from the U.S, but i really don't understand what everyone is bitching about.

You've got what? 50 Powerlifting federations? and you're upset that one out of fifty wants to stick a needle in your arm? You can still compete in any of the 49 remaining federations. AND anyone who's that paranoid about competing against doped athletes can go join the IPF, get their bloodwork done, and be happy. Everybody wins.


i cannot even properly express how amusing it is that he seems to think that the possibility that ONE of the guys on elite might be taking stuff is something that has escaped the attention of the powerlifting world

This doesnt affect me as I dont lift in the IPF/USAPL, but I just dont like it on principle. Where does it end? Call me a cynic, but I just dont believe that the blood samples will never be used inappropriately. Where does it stop?

Out of curiosity, how many of you who support it are actually in favor of it and believe it's an idea whose time has come, and how many are just sort of like '[shrug] fine, whatever, i dont care'?


Fair question.

Today, I'm in the "whatever" category.

Wait a few years and I've got my eye set on National records or Championships or a chance to go to a World competition, it would likely be nice to know that my performance may somewhat be representative of what it should be.


As long as it's someone who knows what they're doing, Im fine with it. I dont want AIDS.


I heard he eats kittens (whole) and shits prosciutto (thinly sliced), but most great strength athletes do.


It's not like you can get more AIDS dude.


Haven't you ever heard of SUPER AIDS?