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Blood Test with Lipomastia. Doc Suggests DHT Cream

Hi all.

First of all, I would be grateful if you had my analysis below:

LH-2.05mlU / mL; 0.1-7,8> 13 years
Prolactin 14.54 ng / ml; 3.00-25.00 ng / ml
Testosterone 4.74 ng / ml; 2.27-10.30 ng / ml
TSH 2.50 µl / mL; 0.27 to 4.2

These are my blood test

of some hormones, made since I was diagnosed with pseudogynecomastia. Initially I thought I had gynecomastia, but on ultrasound the fat came out.
In the past I was fat, I had 79 kg and 170 cm. I started to lose weight, but I still have this horrible chest.
I even had 62 kg / 176 cm now, and for nothing.
The doc recommends me Andractim cream, with dht… but it is impossible to take it from europe.
What can i do?

I am currently in a bulk period, I follow 5/3/1 BBB.
I would be grateful if you could help me with this chest, as it causes me a lot of shame and anxiety.
Thank you.

Don’t let it cause you shame and anxiety bro. You look to be fairly young and your just starting this journey into weight lifting.

The good news is you aren’t fat! This is good because you have plenty room fur bulking without looking sloppy. Just make sure you work your ass off in the gym and eat clean food. Stay away from those bulking powders and shit like that.

Right now creatine, protien powder, and good quality whole food will get you amazing results.


You’ve definitely got a good frame to build on dude. Do as Zeek says, eat well, train hard and you’ll do great!