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Blood Test To Fall Within Normal

I have an up and coming blood test.

On my TRT dose of 125mg on a Monday, with blood drawn the following Monday, I got a 670 and 950+ reading.

I’m currently cruising on 250mg test e and 100mg primo.

If I have a test on Wednesday, and kinda need to fall into normal, should I:

  1. completely forgo my Monday shots and get them Wed instead
  2. get 125mg without primo
  3. …?

I would for go them lower the better lol


Go without you Monday shot. Well you could technically pin the primo.

I was thinking, since primo fights for those androgen receptors more than test, that I should forgo it as well to make the free test attach and be used.

I wouldn’t worry so much about binding in that short of time. When binding occurs it’s for the life of the steroid. So there isn’t usually a whole lot of shbg floating around for occupancy.