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Blood Test to Check Test E Frontload?


I’ve ran a total of 3 cycles all with cyp being my base. Decided to go with E instead. Also decided to try a different lab.
Frontloaded 1G the first week & Friday marks 2nd week end, start of 3rd. I’ve never frontloaded with test, always ran an oral for first 4 weeks to kickstart. My normal test is on the low side of normal(around 400). So I feel like I should’ve at least gotten an increase in libido being that I’m fairly low with natty test levels. Perhaps I’m expecting too much from the frontload being I’ve never done it this way(test frontload). Thought about getting a blood test next week to see if levels are elevated at all. What say you? Obviously I’m somewhat doubting my choice in lab but I’m also not expecting miracles.