Blood Test Timing

Is there a particular day that blood draws should be done reletive to injection days?

I recently switched from Testopel to T-cyp and doc wants one month labs done. I currently inject every 3.5 days SC, on Tuesday evening and on Saturday morning.


Try to always do labs halfway between injections, avoiding lab timing artifacts.

Have Testopel pellets been completely absorbed or removed? If not, your T levels and labs will be changing and changing T means changing E2 as well.

When you get labs, please go back to your first thread/topic where I expect there is more info about your case.

Thanks. Did not remove the pellets, so no sure fire way to know if they are completely dissolved or not. I used to get pellets every 3 months, it’s been about 4.5 since last insertion. I suspect that lab in a few months may be more accurate.