Blood Test Timing Around Test/HCG Injections?

I’m on a Mon/Fri Test-C and a MWF HCG schedule.

Should I be taking my blood test on Monday morning or Friday morning? Or is it not going to make much of a difference?

This is the main reason why I prefer an every 3 day (E3D) dosing protocol rather than a regimented MWF schedule, all of the intervals are equal and it doesn’t matter what you you test.

I the case of your MWF schedule, I would choose Monday because that would be your lowest (nadir) point in the protocol. But you will need to always test on a Monday in order to compare one lab to another.

It won’t make much difference. Don’t over think it.

I do Monday morning and am on the same T schedule. Shouldn’t make much difference either way but that should be as low as you’re going to get.