Is it normal on a high protien diet for your BUN, Creatinine and red blood count to be elevated. I take protien supplements and vitamens and minerals, no gear

I understand your fear on the blood test and creatinine issue. I work in a manufacturing enviroment and was exposed to some open blood via a industrial accident. I had to undergo test for a full year-thank god results showed no bloodborne pathogens. After my first test the clinic calls me back and starts all these questions about do I have any history of heart disease in my family and could I have had a stroke in the past week. I was scared to hell. Of course the nurse had not consider that I lifted weights. My “non-doctural” research found out that if you undergo any type of intensive upper body exercise your body releases an increase of creatinine into your system. The same thing happens if you have a stroke. (This is why the line of questioning was throw at me…)Also creatine supplementation could also increase the creatinie levels. In addition more anaerobic the exericise versus aerobic also increase the ratio. I am no doctor but I would not be talking 8 aspirin and calling 911 yet. Tell you doctor you lift weights heavily.
Hope I helped a little. Maybe someone with a little more medical background might help. For right now I would not worry.