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Blood Test Results

I am an avid follower of this thread, and have learned a lot about Depo-Test from the well informed. I am 47 and have two blown out discs that stop me from pushing big iron. I do use a dual action bike and am no longer a lard butt that struggled to carry groceries. Here are my three test results:

No Test: 8/1/2006
Total T- 132 ng/dL
%Free T 1.28
Free T 16.8 pg/mL

125 mg T-Cyp/week: 12/1/2006
Total T 570 ng/dL
%Free T 1.17
Free T 67.0 pg/mL
SHBG 45 nmol/L
Estradiol <32 pg/mL
PSA Total .093 ng/mL

100 x2 mg T-Cyp/week: 3/29/2007
Total T 1026 ng/dL
%Free T 2.63
Free T 269.7
SGBH 22 nmol/L
Estradiol 49 pg/mL
PSA Total 1.1 ng/mL
IGF-1 159 ng/mL

Between 12/1 and 3/29 I started taking ZMA every night, along with vitamins A,B,C,D, EFA’s, Calcium, and Co-Q 10. I still take a small amount of pain medication everyday to keep the edge off. If anybody has any ideas how to improve my numbers (inexpensively)as I am on a limited income, I would like to hear it. Thank you for the opportunity to speak.


I feel a lot younger than I used to, and women are more than just “pretty” again. I eat 6 small high protein meals a day and weigh 185 lbs. I consume betwen 120-160 grams protein on average.