Blood Test Results ?

I will need to have my blood work done in a couple weeks for a new life insurance policy.
I just finished a 3 week Superdrol cycle of 20 mg/day and am currently taking Rebound XT and Carbolin 19 for my PCT. I had some issues with Alpha Male and had to discontinue.

Any opinions on any red flags I may have with my liver enzymes,lipid profile,etc and anything I can do to prevent?

Stop! Don’t do it. Do not take a blood test under those conditions that will become a permanent part of your record for this insurance company and all others (they report results to the Medical Information Bureau which is like a credit reporting house for insurance companies where the info is stored and shared). What you need to do is get your own blood test first to make sure it’s not way out of line. If it is way out of line do what you need to to get it back in line before doing the test for the insurance company.

He is right. If your enzymes are high enough you could get waived. In the future, other companies may not cover what they consider a “pre-existing” condition. Its not a bad idea to pay out of pocket for a lipid and liver panel just to make sure your within normal value for your insurance blood work. The short-term cost you save you big $$ down the road------Freak