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Blood Test Results

I was advised on another board to use it due to current E2 and prolactin levels. I plan on dropping it after the first blood test and monitoring what happens without it.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to e2 being high or low… Every person had different thresholds. Some people notice side effects over 30, others 100. We should treat symptoms not numbers.

Just like a guy wth normal T numbers. Doc says your fine. Clients symptoms say otherwise. Client suffers for 20 years because docs never treated the symptom. Frustrating

Hi Lenono,

How’s the TRT/rest of your routine going? Did you get your TRT through Optimale? My free T levels were similar to yours (mine were slightly higher), and my SHBG was also raised, but they didn’t want to prescribe TRT to me. I’m interested to see whether it improves your problems in the coming weeks/months.

Felt great the first week but been feeling a bit lethargic in week 2 but I have been a bit under the weather with a cold. Libido is really good too,

Something triggered a panic attack yesterday (I do get these a couple of times a year) and gave me heart palpitations all day. I’m pretty sure it was the Arimidex so I’m going to put this to one side and continue without it for now and re-asses after first blood test.

What were your lab numbers for free T and SHBG?

That sounds like good news overall, seems like it’s had a fairly instant effect, but early days still of course.

My lab numbers for free T was 0.35 (within range, but on the lower side, similar to yours) and SHBG was 73. My thread is here.

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Could be the medicine. Or just sickness and your two weeks into a long process. If this treatment teaches me anything, it is patience. I’ve never had any; and now it’s being tested to the brink of insanity:)

Take care and just stay focused on the long game.