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Blood Test Results

Hi can anyone offer any insight into these blood results please?

Just to add to this, I’m 35. 6 ft 1 and 13. 5 stone.

With what limited info we can tell from your post, I would say that you have a very high SHGB and your Free T is low. Based on your LH and FSH, you haven’t started TRT injections yet. That’s good as you need to get more bloods done and probably do a lot more research before you dive in.

  1. Get a full Thyroid panel done including what you have there, Free T3, and Revers T3. Also get E2.

  2. Find a doc that knows what the hell they’re doing. If you do start TRT, you’re most likely going to have to use some pretty substantial dosing to overcome that high SHGB.

  3. Some are going to to tell you to jump straight into injections. You go with what you’re comfortable with. Gels and creams are not the best options but they do work to the satisfaction of some guys. You can try them if you so choose.

Hi thanks for the response. That is correct I’m not on trt I have just had this blood test carried out through optimale.

I have no issues with injections over cream, although I’d like to fully understand if that is the best course of action first. Are there any effective ways of lowering SBHG without TRT?

What is the reason for the thyoroid panel being carried out as the ones which were taken were in the normal range?


Injections are typically what most people wind up with because 100% of the test is absorbed. Creams and gels not so much and the absorption rate when applying topically can diminish over time. SHGB is primarily genetic. TRT will lower that a little, but not too much. I’ve read that that are some otc supplements that some have reported to lower SHGB (Vit D, zinc) but I can’t speak to whether there is any truth to that.

As far as the thyroid panel, I have read that T4 is a terrible indicator of thyroid function. That being the case, the only good number you have there is TSH. You should get a full panel run with the tests I stated in my previous post. You’ll want to know before you start TRT if there is anything going on there.

Once you start TRT, everything is going to go out of whack for a while and then eventually stabilize, provided you take a methodical and patient approach. Until you get dialed in completely, you won’t have a good understanding of what hormones are out of whack and why. It’s better to get a base line right now before you start doing anything. If things are good (and even if they aren’t) you will know once your TRT protocol is dialed in how much of that was affected by low testosterone, and how much is going to need extra attention.

This study should make it easy to decide which route to go.

Muscular responses to testosterone replacement vary by administration route: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Intramuscular TRT is more effective than transdermal formulations at increasing LBM and improving muscle strength in middle-aged and older men, particularly in the lower extremities.

Is L-Dopa any good for lowering prolactin?

BMbrady77 - is Oestradiol the same thing as E2?

Yes it is. Not sure why it’s spelled estradiol in some circles, and oestradiol in others, but it’s the same thing.

Thanks, the spelling was throwing me off too!

I think rather than jump in a start TRT, I’m going to try some supplements to bring down the Prolactin and SBHG.

For Prolactin:
Vitamin B6


I think I’m also going to get some iodine and Ashwagandha for thyroid support as those numbers didn’t look great.

I don’t have libido problems, my main issues are brain fog, fatigue, increased mid-section fat and decreased motivation to exercise. I’ll try the supplements for 1-2 months and retest the bloods and re-evaluate.

Any thoughts or other recommendations welcome.

Supplements will not decrease SHBG, it’s pointless as manipulating SHBG is nearly impossible. Any decrease in SHBG when using supplements will be transient, your body will just re-adapt. Everyone that has gone down this road eventually ends up on TRT at some point in the future wasting time, often you’ll hear them say “I wish I had started TRT sooner”.

TRT the only thing that will lower SHBG, two moderate doses twice weekly.

Libido was the very last thing to go for me.

OK, perhaps I’ll give TRT a go in parallel to the supplements and vitamins.

I can’t really justify paying over £1000 a year though, it works out far far cheaper to fly to Turkey and pick up what I need and fly back!

Good idea. Cause if you start trt you may always wonder ‘what if’ I fixed my eating weight and supps without trt. Or what if fixing thyroid helps first

Also high prolactin calls for a pituitary mri

100$ a month for a better quality of life ? I’d spend 10k a year I’d it meant I could live life properly again.

Mining boggling how we see money as a deterrent. Especially at such a low cost.

I guess it depends where you live and overall income for that region. Here in the states it’s cheap. Also don’t forget you get what you pay for. The good TRT docs will be a bit more and your in better hands vs a 150$ a month clinic…

This is versus living in a shell slowly dying and withering away .

I had the same issue but didn’t try al the other vitamins and such because I simply did not have the mental or physical energy to do anything. It truly sucks and I wish you tons of positivity in your healing.

There’s a diet called bulletproof diet (google) or something where the guy says he was on trt and found a natural way tk biohack for more T. I have never tried it or used it , but I would read his or their book if I was trying alternatives to trt

Mucuna Pruriens, which contains L-Dopa lowers prolactin. Mine went from 14 (4-19 ug/l) to 10 while using it.

What does of L-Dopa did you go for? Has it remained lower or has it gone back up?

OK, so I’ve started TRT (self medicated), going for initial dose of 50mg twice per week sub q. I understand this might not be ideal with high SHBG but would rather try and keep my levels stable so will see how I react to this.

I’m taking 0.5mg Arimidex a week to try and lower the E2 a bit.

I’m also taking vitamin B6, iodine, selenium, L-Dopa, vitamin D and Ashwagandha.

I plan to retest in about 4-6 weeks to see how things are.

Why would you add an ai when everything points to micro dosing allows men to avoid ai. There is so much helpful information here on these boards. There really is no point in posting what your going to do, if you are dead set on doing it your way. Make sense?