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Blood Test Results


Just got bloods done. Mid cycle test e 500mg a week. Really worried now my shbg level is extremely low (10). Is this because of the test?


Lower levels of SHBG increase the availability of androgen action, since they no longer bind with test… do not worry… are you using/ used some winny, proviron, hemo? they lower shbg, thats why people get awesome results with winny, just because they lower shbg leftting more free test, but more androgen action too, then you’d need more androgen control.


Nope just test and dbol starter. Come to the end of the cycle now. Would you recommend waiting 2 or 3 weeks before pct?


somewhere around 10 day to 14… 2 weeks is fine for test E… you’ll have some of it in your blood, but is fine… what’s your pct?


Clomid 50/50/50 nolva 20/20/10/10 plus daa. Will take armidex up to pct