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Blood Test Results

I first want to apologize for the length of this post, but I really appreciate everyone’s help. I recently took a blood test and got my results back. I was wondering if Bill, or anyone who HONESTLY knows what they are talking about, can interpret some of my numbers for me. First, I’m taking 4AD, MD6, T2/T2pro cycle, glucosamine/chondriton, fish oil and flax seed oil, centrum, glutamine, creatine, and a few protein shakes. I’ve been on the T-DAWG diet for about 6 weeks now.

Most of my tests came back normal so I won’t bored you with those, but I few questions on the results that were out of range.

  1. Creatinine was 1.5, normal is 0.7-1.4 MG/DL
  2. SGOT was 44, normal is 0-41 IU/L
  3. T4 thyroxine was 5.3, normal is 5-12 UG/DL
  4. EOSIN% was 4.1, normal is 0-3.0%
  5. BASO% was 1.5, normal is 0-1.0%

Cholesterol was fine, total protein was ok too. I’m a little lost on what SGOT, EOSIN, and BASO represent. Also had a question about my Creatinine and T4 levels. Considering I’m on creatine, should my levels of creatinine be hi or lo. If my body is using all the creatine I take, would I have a higher or lower count of creatinine. Second, because I’m on T2/T2pro, should my T4 levels be higher than just the normal range. I guess i’m just a little confused on the chemistry behind the test. Especially when my doctor said to cut protein 50% when i’m only taking about 170g!!! (Thank god I didn’t get tested while doing growth surge and mass eating!!!) So what do you guys think? I really appreciate your help. And I highly recommend everyone getting blood tests so you know what REALLY is going on inside your body. Thanks again!

Check out this article:


With not knowing anything else about you and those being the only results out of the “norm,” I’d say your tests are fine. EOSIN and BASO refer to eosinophils and basophils which are just types of white blood cells. Unless you have a striking eosinophilia or basophilia (very high values of either) it’s nothing to worry about. Your creatinine could be a bit high because of two things. If you carry quite a bit more muscle than the average person, then your creatinine will be higher. Second, you’re taking creatine which is spontaneously degraded to creatinine and causes and bump in your blood creatinine. If you’re young and have no history of kidney problems, the chances of you having them now are slim to none. Oh, and ignore what your doc said about decreasing your protein intake. Most are out of shape themselves and haven’t the slightest clue about which they’re speaking in terms of nutrition and weight training.

SGOT is a liver function test also known as AST or Aspartate aminotransferase. Usually it, along with other liver function tests, are looking for hepatitis and various other liver diseases.

dude i know exactly what your going through. i went in for a blood test, and came back with the same results. my bun/creatine ration was too high. and yes, the doctor told me to take my protein intake WAY down (fuck that!) and come back in. well i didnt, went back in, and now he wants me to come back in 6 weeks. i mean, the guy is a good doctor, but WTF he wants me to cut my protein to like 100 grams a day. aint no way i am doing that, dont want a one way ticket to catabolic city. (dont these doctors know that its not the excess protein that causes our rations to go up, but all the other factors?!) sorry had to vent im pissed about this too.

Your tests look fine. I don’t think any doctor would worry about any of the values. If you’re taking creatine I’m suprised your creatinine levels aren’t higher than what they are. Your t4 is a tad low likely due to your diet or perhaps thyroid supplementation but it will kick back up as soon as you start eating normally again.