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Blood Test Results

Bill, recently I had a blood test and there were several results in the high range, Urea Nitrogen was 25 mg/dL (range 8-23), Creatinine was 1.2 mg/dL (range 0.7-1.3, Bun Creatinine Ration was 20.8. Could these results be due to a high protein intake? I ingest about 200 grams per day.

Thank You!

None of those values are unusual for athletes.

Another thing which a lot of people don’t
realize is that in these tests, the normal
range is NOT defined where, if you are out
of that range, there must be a problem. In
fact, it’s defined where 95% of people in
normal health with no problem in that area
will fall within that range, and 5% who are
in normal health with no problem in that
area will fall outside the range.

Since there are a lot of measurements being
taken, it’s entirely likely that one or more
will be at or somewhat above or below the
limit defined as “normal” and this does not
in and of itself show there’s a problem.
Especially if it’s something that in
resistance training athletes will average
higher than for the general population, as
with creatinine.

The proper use of these readings is not to
expect to be in the middle of all of them,
but if some are abnormal AND there are other
reasons to believe there is a problem and
these readings are consistent with that
diagnosis, then they help confirm what is
going on. Or, if they are grossly abnormal
there may be an issue. That is not the case
with any of your readings.