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Blood Test Results


Hi Thibs,

I just got some blood work done after a physical (I've never had one done before). I'm curious if my testosteone levels seem ok. I'm guessing you'd know a lot more about these numbers than me.
28 yr old male

Test. 23.5 (8.4-28.7)
Free Test. 34.4 (31.0-94.0)
TSH 1.87 (0.35-5.0)
LDL 2.47
HDL 1.28

I thought the free test. number seems too low. I'm trying to cut fat, especially at my lower abdomen and I seem to be fairly stuck.

Thanks for any input!


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Yup. And a Free T-3 test. If your body is not good at converting T-4 to T-3, you may need something besides Synthroid (T-4). I'm trying to get my doc to prescribe Armour Thyroid to me, had the blood draw Monday. Docs are very reluctant to do the least little thing outside the 'book' though.


To be honest, I just didn't think of it. I'd never had blood tests done before, and I was mostly getting it done to check cholesterol. I thought to ask for the test. checks last minute. I have had biosignature done before, and it didn't indicate any issues with estrogen site fat storage.


Your total test isn't bad (which means that your bod can produce it) but your free test in unacceptable in term of maximizing muscle growth. This might be because your SHBG levels are high... thus they bind to a large quantity of testosterone, making it inactive.

Eurcoma longifolia (tongkat ali), avena sativa and horny goat weeds are all herbs that than help slightly.


Maybe that helps explain why I have a had time putting on appreciable muscle! Thanks for the tips. I'll try some of the herbs. I assume it's best to try one at a time, and maybe cycle them on and off (6 weeks on, 2-4 off)?


Hey CT,
I am 26 years old male and I am going to have my test levels check next week I wanted to know:

1)what is a/an good/acceptable range of testosterone?
2)what range of free test would you considered good/ideal?
3)is free testosterone the more important/better indicator of muscle building potential?

thank you for your time,