Blood Test Results. Thinking of Starting HCG Monotherapy

Hey guys im 30 years old. Ive been suffering from low t for years now. At one point I lost weight and quit alcohol for a few months and got it to 18.9 but that’s the highest and its never been near there again, this was 4 years ago.

Suffering from low mood, energy, tiredness, fatigue, low motivation, grumpy, irritable, lowER libido but not low by any means still get good erections and high volume of semen. The only thing im taking is an ssri for mental health, mostly anxiety etc for the past 4 years. I’ve showed my naturopath my precious low t levels from multiple years and he agrees its way too low. He’s considering putting me on hcg monotherapy as I don’t want to go the trt route just yet as I want to have another baby in the next year or so but it might be inevitable. I’ve seen mixed reviews on HCH mono but wondering what the recent 2021 general consensus is as I’ve read alot of old stuff too.

What do you guys think of starting at a nice low dose of 250IU every other day for a few months to see how I respond? What do you think of my results? I have an appointment with him tomorrow and my wife is going to be there, she is wanting me to just lose weight as I’ve gained a decent amount of weight the past few years and workout more often etc to increase it but its kind of a double edged sword as I always feel like shit and need energy and some damn vigor to get there. Thanks.

AM Cortisol 326 125-536 nmol/L
Estradiol 91 <157 pmol/L
Progesterone 0.5 0.4-1.8 nmol/L
Testosterone 9.6 8.4-28.8
Testosterone Free 247 115-577
Testosterone Bioavailable 5.8 2.7-13.5
SHBG 19.2 10-70 nmol/L

Testosterone > HCG > doing nothing

Some questions. First off, stats; height, weight, bf estimate, etc. What are your daily activities? What’s a typical day’s worth of calories look like by meal? Do you still drink? If so how much each day?

I can already tell that you’re just not really into this at all. Notice that the weight loss and exercise are not in the context of what you want but rather are because your wife wants that. You have ~0% chance of success if you’re not buying in for yourself. This only works if you want it to. Your wife isn’t going to do your eating and training for you. Yes yes, you want to make her happy, etc. That’s not enough. This isn’t weeding the garden. It’s a commitment that will require lifestyle changes and hard work that you put in every single minute that you’re awake for many months. Our desire to do something for someone we love is strong, but that won’t sustain you for the whole time. You need to want this for you, plain and simple.

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5’7 235lbs, 40%. I own a restaurant so on my feet. Maybe around 3000 cals. I don’t smoke or drink or take any pills etc. I just started working out with a personal trainer 3 days a week as well as going for walks. I also have mild sleep apnea so use the machine every night to some success but not much.

Way to jump down my throat as If that’s going to help. I want to lose weight for myself first and foremost but feeling like shit all the time doesn’t make it easy hence why I’m on this forum asking for support. If I didn’t want to make a change why would I even bother coming on here and risking fucking up my hormones forever? Thanks dude.

We can add ‘thin skinned’ to the list of issues as well, I see.

You have no idea how many people are exactly like you and don’t actually want any help. I challenged you to see if you were serious. Turns out you are. But if you think that that was me jumping down your throat then you have lived a very, very charmed life.

Now if we can move on from your feelings and into the realm of helping you, that would be terrific.

Your hormone panel doesn’t look good, but it’s not the worst one we’ve seen here. You probably need some kind of exogenous support. Now that won’t fix your weight in it of itself, but it’s a big help (as I’m sure you suspect already). The problem with HCG monotherapy in your case is we don’t have the numbers that are relevant to you. Without knowing your LH measurement it’s impossible to say if it’ll work for you. Do you have that number?

Have you gamed out your TDEE yet? If so how close is it to the 3,000kcal you’re eating now? Working with a trainer is nice, but never forget that exercise is a terrible way to lose weight. Weight loss is dictated almost entirely by diet. You’ll never out-train a bad diet. So calories and macros are the top priority here. What’s a typical day of meals look like, including snacks and fluid intake?