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Blood Test Results on 72mg TE Every 5 Days

Here are the total and free testosterone blood test results after 6 1/2 weeks on current new protocol, which is 72 mg TE every five days. Test was done 40 hours post injection, so at peak.

TT - 33.3 nmol/L (960 ng/dl) range 8.4 - 28.8
FT - 810 pmol/L (23.3 ng/dl) range 196 - 636
FT/TT ratio 2.43%
Estimated SHGB 32.4

Seem ideal?
I feel great on this. Better then 100 mg once a week, and also way better then 40 mg every 3.5 day.

Asked and answered. Congrats.

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How long did it take you to get to perfection? I’m just starting out, so I’m trying to figure out how you know when you feel optimally good.

What did you notice about shootin up 100ml per week wasn’t working?

Thank you

I’ve been on for 7 months. 100 mg a week took me to 1230 ng/dl. It was great at first. But after a few months I didn’t feel anything positive anymore. Just a neutral feeling. Also skin got more oily. With 72 mg no oily skin. Daily morning wood. And a very nice daily libido. Nothing crazy. But just right.

You found what works.

Still waiting to see other test on hematocrit. Not holding my breath it went down. Question For you guys. I notice a lot of guys with high haematocrit speak of some kind of symptoms. What are your personal experiences with this? Even at 55 or 54 I have no symptoms, low resting heart rate, low broad pressure, and feel absolutely great. Shouldn’t there be some sort of side effect at these levels? Googling side effects of high haemoglobin and a high red blood count, I have nothing on those lists. I wonder why.

Same here.

Not necessarily. Those living at altitude do fine with erythrocytosis. So do endurance athletes.

Is it ok to fly with high hematocrit?

Seems ideal

Those living at altitude, with erythrocytosis, have an increased life expectancy and decreased risk of heart disease. I know a couple of cardiologists who send patients for TRT. Do you think, like forcing the legs to work harder by adding more weight to the bar when doing squats results in stronger legs, the cardiac muscle gets stronger when working harder?

I’m not saying there is a one size fits all with this. But, does it always have to be a bad thing?

Seems me and you thrive with high hematocrit. I guess some guys have legit symptoms with high hematocrit. I wonder since I’m a gym guy etc the high hematocrit is not such a problem? How can one have high hematocrit and low blood pressure and low heart rate? While sleeping my heart rate is about 53-57. Resting 64. And lifting weights 133-155. And I’m s big guy 6’1” 245 lbs

Because you are fit.

Seems ideal go for it

Hrdlvn - aren’t you one of the guys that gets side effects even at 50 hct? World standard normal values are 54 for hematocrit and 18 for hemoglobin

The research does not support that. If I could, I would ask why 52%. Why not 53%, or 54%. Or 51%, since the “normal” range is up to 50%. The American Urological Association’s official position is that TRT does not cause heart disease, blood clots, or stroke. I would ask if he has any evidence that supports the notion that it does.

OK, I guess.

Only if it is possible your doctor is never wrong. It’s good to have confidence in your doctor though.

seems idea in fact id go back to 250/wk

You seem a bit unhinged lol. Chill out and educate yourself.

“The following are reported ranges of normal hematocrit levels:

  • Newborns: 55%-68%
  • One (1) week of age: 47%-65%
  • One (1) month of age: 37%-49%
  • Three (3) months of age: 30%-36%
  • One (1) year of age: 29%-41%
  • Ten (10) years of age: 36%-40%
  • Adult males: 42%-54%
  • Adult women: 38%-46%
  • Adult pregnant women: about 30% - 34% lower limits and 46% upper limits
  • High Altitude residents: about 45% - 61% in males; 41% - 56% in females (These levels gradually average higher as the altitude where people live increases. This is a result of the increased demand for the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells at higher altitudes where there is decreased oxygen concentration in the atmosphere.)”

you’ve confinced me. hell highpull cooked himself years ago and he has not died. I’d do what he does.

One thing I do want to know but can’t find info on. Flying. Dive the cabin is pressurized is there any issue? I know some people worry about dvt’s on long haul flights if they don’t move around.