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Blood Test Results, Low Testosterone - Advice

Hi all,

First off thanks for looking at the post and any advice will be greatly appreciated.

I have read the sticky for the protocol of

Week 1-6 hcg 250iu eod
Bloods if test level ok move to nolva

My question is I have a small issue with pre-existing gyno have a pea sized lunp. Obviously hcg can make this worse and arimidex does not work on e2 from the testies. In this case should I run nolva alongside the hcg. My blood results are below I am only 29 and feeling depressed for a while now. My doctor reviewed the results and claimed all was normal Which does not seem right, test levels are low. He said he would not prescribe trt even if sub 7. I also do want one more child in the future so trt is a concern but I cannot keep living like this.

Dhea sulphate 6.07 umol/L range 0.44-13.4

FSH 3.22 IU/L range 1.5-12.4

LH 4.5 IU/L range 1.7-8.6

Test 11.79nmol/L range 7.6 - 31.4

SHBG 33.44nmol/L range 16-55

Free androgen index 35.26 24-104

Thanks again

Looking through and researching other posts it seems like my blood test may not be sufficient. Do I need to increase this to cover prolactain and estrogen? Is there anything else that would be useful?

At present I am very stressed with bits going on in life and it has been like that for a number of months now, sleep has my been broken with a young family and I imagine I am Low of vit d I live in the UK so it’s dark when I go to work and return so no real sunlight. I don’t know how muxh this can affect the results and drive test down.

I can’t decide whether to extend the tests then start a resart protocol as per my original post or go a see a specialist. They are asking nearly a £1000 for consultation and bloods in London so is very expensive especially if as per the posts I am reading they are not all great.

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Thanks KSman.

I sent the just onto medichecks today and they came back with this plus prolactain separately. Should this be sufficient to access what may be happening.


I did speak to a private health company dealing with low testosterone today but it seems like they test for test lh and fsh then prescribe trt if low which I would rather avoid if possible if levels can be increased from diagnosing the route cause