Blood Test Results Low T? What Next?

I have been experiencing some unusual changes in the past 6 months to a year. Im tired all the time, I cant sleep, losing weight and my performance in the gym has come to a stop. I have become very passive and noticed a decline in libido. I am a 21 year old male that eats clean and lifts heavy and it feels like I may have all the symptoms of low Test so I had some blood work done.

Testosterone, Total,
LC/MS/MS 416 ng/dL

Free Test 75.0 pg/mL

Thyroid panel with TSH
T3 uptake 35%
T4(thyroxine) 4.8mcg/dL
Free T4 index (T7) 1.7
TSH 1.45

From the research I have done it appears like my test levels are really low for some one my age. Hoping someone more knowledgeable than myself can give me some insight where to go from here my doctor didnt seem to have a clue and said it was all good.