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Blood Test Results, is Everything Good?

Currently on 250mg test, 0.5 adex e3d

Everything looks perfectly in range.

How long after your injection did you draw bloods or how frequently are you injecting to get 250mg test per week? Or is that 250mg of test every 3 days meaning 875mg per week?

I was off of Arimidex for a week, started getting emotional and angry so I took a 0.5 two days before bloods, and injected 125mg test C the night before.

Is my E2 within nornal ranges? My sex drives is kind off of to be honest, and I don’t feel energetic.

Also I do injections e3d and e4d so it evens out to a week.


This is a sign of high estro. After 1 week and that low dose though you might have just been hungry or tired :smiley:

This can be either high or low estro or maybe just tired or hungry :smiley:

Your estro on that panel looked to be in range but estrogen tests really arent super accurate. I dont know much more about that off hand but check out more plates more dates on youtube. He isnt a doctor but he has probably done more research on roids etc than almost any doctor.

I would take your results to an endocrine doctor or even somebody more knowledgeable on this stuff though.

Isn’t an E2 of 139 too high though? I have read that it should be between 20-30

@Dexter_Morgan1 do you have any input on this? You have been very helpful everytime I post.

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Look at the ranges. Your estrogen is in range for someone not even on TRT. Mine is more than double the range. Most likely all of your issues are because you’re using an AI and folks that have no clue will tell you any little thing is high estrogen even if your estrogen isn’t high and you’re using an absurd amount of AI already. On 250mg you shouldn’t need an AI. Why you are only using 250mg for a cycle is beyond me. I’ve been on 200mg for years and can tell you that 3 months on 250mg is a waste of 3 months that you could have done 500mg and gotten amazing results but you’ll know now. I’m sure you gained something from it but think if you got triple the gains doing the exact same shit during those 3 months…

I’m the real slim shady. This @dexter_morgan1 is just imitating.


Haha your last line made me laugh so hard

Also I’m cruising right now, but I might up the dose to 400. My T range is still too low compared to most guys who run 250mg.

That makes more sense then. Ditch the AI and give it time

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Units my man. Units. 139pmol is perfectly fine. 20-30 is pg/mL & even then would be too low for most men, esp those on cycle.

I see. Then mine translates to 39pg/ml. Isnt that high though?

Mine year round. Literally more than double the top of the range. High is subjective

No not at all

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Your blood test looks good but you are missing a some stuff, like Hematocrit (and all blood pannel), Prolacting, Progesterone, etc.

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