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Blood Test Results & ED


Hi Guys great forum with lots of great information. I was going to post this into the Estadoil thread put I felt that should be kept for more specific discussion and I did not want to clutter it up, but there is lots of great information never the less.

I am from the Uk so decent blood test are hard to come by especially sensitive E2, any way here are the hormone blood tests that I do have:

Ab to thyroglobulin     7	U/mL	<100Neg	
Anti-TPO		1	U/mL	<16Neg	
LH		        5.0	mIU/mL	3-18	
FSH	        	2.5	mIU/mL	2-15	
Estradiol		22	pg/mL	<30	
Testosterone		7195	pg/mL	1000-5000	(High)
Testosteron free	185	pg/mL	50-280			
S.H.B.G.	+	73	pmol/mL	20-55	        (High)
Pregnenolone		7.55	ng/mL	3.90-13.50	
Androstanediol-gluc	6.08	ng/mL	3.4-22	
DHEA sulfate		109	µg/dL	8-135	
Somatomedin-C (IGF-1)	126	ng/mL	140-410	         (Low)

Some time back my morning wood vanished, now my nipples which used to be really great for getting an erection no longer work at all and I struggle to maintain an errection for any length of time.

I was thinking could this be due to my E2 being to high, I realise it is with range, or does anything else in my blood tests point to a problem?

Any advice would be really appreciated.


Very interesting bloodwork....surprised that your Total T is that high considering your LH/FSH are on the low side. DHEA looks good and readily available to convert to testosterone.

Your high SHBG is a bit confusing as your estradiol doesn't appear to be too high, but I've never seen that range before, so its hard to tell...I suspect your thyroid or cortisol may be a little off the mark to contribute to the SHBG...

As for your erection and nipple issues, I would definitely look at Prolactin if you can get that bloodwork done.


Thanks for your input on my results, sorry I missed in Prolactin results out as I had them done seperately:

PROLACTIN 215 mIU/L 102 - 496

As my Prolactin is fine it is hard to see what else the problem could be.


I'm a little baffled too?
Questions I would like to ask,diabetic, major stress, any cardiac issues? Pulmonary issues?High blood pressure?/ low BP? Family history of these? Any OTC supplements besides a multi vitamin/ EFA'S? Any chronic long term use of OTC pain relievers?, studies show linked to ED http://www.google.com/m/url?client=ms-android-sprint-us&ei=a3qrTbD-JKCyNKC5gJ8C&gl=us&hl=en&q=http://www.kgw.com/lifestyle/health/Pain-relievers-linked-to-ED-117422293.html&source=android-browser-key&ved=0CB8QFjAD&usg=AFQjCNFPcPefrZn5XQ6Nu_aAqGEQoFmWaw

With Your TT levels that high one could assume your RBC is high mainly speaking hematocric, did you have a CBC done? With ferritin/iron/TIBC? maybe high also?
Your Not hyperprolactin, but mid range #'s could be a indicator for your nipple issue? Hum?

Spousal abuse? That'll kill a hard on quick , just kidding . Lame humor.

I'm curious on this also with Your numbers?


Thanks for your response KYinchampaign, no I do not have any major issues and I only take a multi vitamin.
Yes I have had iron/ferritin checked and had a full blood count all came back fine

Do you have any idea what the optimum prolactin level is? I guess from what you are saying slightly lower than mid range is more optimal.

I have thought of playing around with my E2, see if it makes any difference, see if I can find a sweet spot for that.

What made me think it had something to do with my hormones is that sometimes my ED is fine sometimes it is terrible.
Also I don't seem to get much of a boost from viagra.

I am well and truly baffled.


It wouldn't hurt to get your E2. Levels up, I'm speculating the higher TT /FT to E2 ratio may be a contributing factor to this? As you have stated sometimes Your up and times not, my guess is low E2? I'm sure others may think different?, and I'm very interested to hear.


I wouldn't put a lot of stock in this E2 result, as it is the wrong test. It looks like the ultra-sensitive. You need the SENSITIVE (not ultra-sensitive) 4021x from Quest (13-54 range) or the one from Labcorp (I think the range is 3-70). I've heard of screwey results using the test that you did.

That said, if estrogen is good (which I doubt because of your high SHBG), I would look at cortisol and thyroid issues as the culprit for the ED problems. Basically what happens in that instance is that your body isn't pumping enough blood to extremities because it is in survival mode, so giving you an erection is secondary to perserving your major organs and functions.

To see if you have a possible thyroid/cortisol issue, take your temperature upon waking (before getting out of bed) and every 3 hours after that, for a total of 4 times (W, W+3, W+6, W+9 where W=wake). Do this for a week and report back here with results. use a mercury thermometer over a digital one if you can find one.


Just wanted to add my 2 cents: mercury thermometers are not inherently any more accurate than are digital. Both are subject to errors due to miscalibration. Additionally, mercury thermometers are more difficult to read especially when taking temps immediately upon waking.

What I recommend is a digital basal thermometer. Typically, they are more carefully calibrated from the manufacturer and measure as well as display temperatures to the nearest tenth of a degree.

<-------------- Not a Dr.


trying to get a test for TSH and 8am Cortisol as well as a retest for Testosterone given the very high reading (to rule out lab error).

taking body temps may be able to tell you if you even need to test for TSH and Cortisol.