Blood Test Results Before Starting TRT

Hi all,

I would really appreciate any help and advice.

I’m 40 years from the UK and it appears that the consensus is that doctors here will not be interested in providing any help when it comes to TRT as my test is within range.

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve completely lost interest in everything. No desire for sex, no morning wood, brain fog etc and there is no particular reason for it. My gym workouts just seem more like a chore and do not love working out like how I used to. I look for excuses just not to go…
After spending some time reading on symptoms of low test which very much chime with what I’m feeling, I got a private blood test done and below are the results which was done 3 weeks ago. I thought I’d include everything that I was tested for including cholesterol etc.

I am still very new to TRT but if I’m going to start, I’d like to ensure that I am doing it correctly.
The consultant that I spoke to recommended that I take 100mg of test-e every other week. there wasn’t any mention of running HCG or any AIs. He did mention that I’ll need to do 4 blood tests a year and prostate exam 1 a year.

I would be ever so grateful for any feedback on my results and protocol that I should think about starting.

Thank you for taking your time to read.

How about fasting glucose and a1c?

Your liver and lipid numbers looked similar to mine when Drs thought I had metabolic syndrome. trt can help!

What is your weight? Taking any medication?

200 mg every 2 weeks is what the official prescribing info is that is not a good protocol.

Worse your Dr says 100 mg every 2 weeks. If he would have prescribed 200 at least than you can inject 100 a week. That more likely to have success.

Also you most likely do not need HCG or ai at trt doses. Wise to adjust dose rather than take an AI. HCG really only good for fertility when you want to have a baby.

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You will want weekly injections, and 100mg at least to start. No need for hCG unless you are actively trying to conceive, or concerned with testicular atrophy. I would hold off on an aromatase inhibitor until/unless you have high E2 side effects that cannot be managed any other way.

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Thank you for the replies Charli12 and highpull.

my weight is 97kg, waist 35" and 5.9" in height.

i’ve not done a fasting glucose test but will do when i do my bloods next.

in terms of testicular atrophy, i feel my testicles are already hung way up high and have no immediate plans on having anymore children but this may change next year…

are there any differences in sustanon or enanthate? which would be better? will be better to split the 100mg twice or week or just jabbing once a week is OK?

You may need more than one injection per week do to the fact that a lot of guys with lower SHBG experience a crash 4-5 days after an injection, also the rate at which you metabolize and excrete testosterone will factor in the injection frequency. TRT will decrease your SHBG even more making frequent injections even more important.

You may not need high normal levels do to lower SHBG, the lower the SHBG, the higher the Free T so you may only need mid normal levels to achieve high normal Free T levels. My SHBG is about the same as your and only need a Total T of 17.5 nmol/L to achieve Free T levels in the high normal ranges or higher.

Sustanon is a blend of three or four different esters and designed for less frequent injections. I used it years ago as part of AAS cycles, can’t say I felt any difference between it and other testosterone products. I would take enanthate, or cypionate because it may be easier to manage dosing.

Maybe, but I would almost always start out with a once a week injection schedule. If you find that you consistently seem to hit a wall on day five or six, i.e. feel like you are overdue for your dose, then you can go with lower, more frequent dosing. Lower, more frequent dosing will keep E2 down and if that becomes a problem you could increase your injection frequency. I would wait to do that as it may not be necessary. The vast majority of guys taking TRT (not necessarily the majority of guys on this forum) do once weekly injections and do fine,

Hey dude, if you live in the uk I’d love to recommend a clinic that in my opinion is the best in the country. The men’s health clinic is located in Poole (the south) and the doctor cares a lot for his patients.

thanks for that mate…that’s 3 hours away from me…but will consider.