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Blood Test Received, Concerns

23 years old, went to endocrinologist for what I thought was low t and what not and got results saying my 8am levels taken were 591 total t and free t was 1.27 ng/dl, doctor said everything was fine except for vitamin d, I know my levels cant be normal I have pretty much all the symptoms of low t, low libido, hard to gain muscle, low energy, zero facial and body hair, slow through puberty etc. dont know what to do. if someone could provide their input I would really appreciate it, thanks
I have my test results also but I really sont knkw what I’m looking at beside total and free t

You need to provide lab ranges for Free T, but it sounds like your Free T is abysmally low. When I scored a 496 Total T on TRT, my Free T was 12.8 ng/dL = 2.59 % which 2-3 percent is considered normal.

A lot of doctors are TRT ignorant and only look at the total testosterone because they don’t know anything about sex hormones and have no training in the field. If this is all he ordered and didn’t bother testing SHBG and estrogen, look for another doctor.

Endocrinologist are typically TRT ignorant and they don’t specialize in TRT, they specialize in thyroid and diabetes, you need a doctor who specialize in TRT and unfortunately as we all find out the hard way it’s next to impossible to find such a doctor under insurance.

All my endo’s were deer in headlights when it came to TRT and didn’t have any knowledge beyond what the guidelines state which very little is written for doctors to follow.

A lot of us are forced to go private unless you are counting on figuring out your specific case on your own, I thought I could figure out my case and I was wrong.

I wouldnt be surprised my free t is that low, the range on the lab results says it should be .87 to 5.47 ng/dl but I dont know if that range was derived from other results from my blood or a generic range for my age but from what I’ve also read online it should be much higher. also I dont think my shbg and estrogen levels were tested as well after having looked through the packet or results I asked for, but i could be wrong, so now I dont know what to do, the doctor gave me a vitamin d supplement and told me to come back in 2 months, I dont even know where to begin to start in finding a trt specialist, especially one that is covered by insurance. thanks for your response it means a lot.

Do you know anyone who is, or might be, on testosterone? If not, do an internet search and see if you can find someone in your area.

You’ll need a lot more tests, if the above is the extent of what you have. Start with:

free T4
free T3
reverse T3
total test
free test