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Blood Test Questions

Okay so I went to see my doctor the other day one month after my PCT and two months after my last injection (first cycle btw). My original question was to get a referral for a dermatologist for a shot at getting accutane, and when I get to his office ask for some blood tests to make sure the cycle went okay with my body.

Not surprisingly, he said accutane is a horrible idea because ill get depressed and it will somehow screw me up completely. I told him I also wanted to check cholesterol levels, blood pressure, prostate, and testosterone levels. He said as I am only 21 my prostate doesn’t need to be checked (even though my father had prostate cancer). He checked off the cholesterol on the blood test sheet, and did the blood pressure on his own.

But for my T-levels he checked off a basic thyroid profile that only checks TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and free T3 levels. So I asked to check off the total testosterone cause I think that�??s what I want (to compare with other people and see where I rank in terms of normal test) and he of course argued that biochemical testosterone is what I wanted to check.

Any ideas who is right? Do you believe 21 years old is too young for a prostate check?

Physicals in Canada take like 3 months wait and I’m going to get one before my next cycle, but for now I just wanted to make sure everything else is fine.

21 is a good age to get checked for prostate health if there’s a family history of it. I think it’s suggested that it’s checked every five years or so since you are so young, but starting that process at 21 is not unnatural, especially if you’re using AAS (though they don’t know that I assume).

As far as testosterone levels, I don’t know what the difference is between “total testosterone” and “biochemical testosterone.” I assume he meant something along the lines of free testosterone? You’ll want both total and free T checked.

Yeah i had told him i did a cycle but he wasn’t very enthusiastic. Only second time I’ve been to him, since my nice, smart, asian doctor passed away. I figured the Free T levels would probably be in the total testosterone so I checked it against his advice. Only time will tell I suppose. I can always find another doctor or issue tests online to do my own data collection.
Thanks for the info Schwartz!

“Bioavailable testosterone refers to the ‘free’ portion of the hormone
unbound to carrier proteins which is able to act directly upon target

Okay so I look like the asshole to him. I’ll have a fun time trying to explain that I thought I was smarter…