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Blood Test Question


So I took the first step to see where my levels are at and went to my local clinic to try and get a blood panel with test levels. I explain my symptoms to the nurse and she asks me about if I’ve ever checked my test levels and I say no. So then I get a video call with a dr who seems to be pushing a depression diagnosis on me but finally agrees to get blood work done and has the nurse print off the req form for me to take to a lab. Unfortunately when I look at the tests when I leave I don’t see anything on there about any of the suggested tests I have read here . I’m looking for any opinions on whether the doc actually ordered a test level check. I think she gave me kidney, thyroid and a diabetes check.


You are correct. There is no hormone testing there.

You go to your local clinic, but then get on a video call with the doctor? That is interesting. Where was the doctor located? Has the doctor ever met you? In most states the doctor must be licensed in the state and there must be a face to face with the patient prior to going to telemedicine.

It does not appear that the clinic is willing to consider your hormone status. You did not mention symptoms, but if you’re depressed there are many potential causes, and low testosterone is one of them. I know if I was tired, gaining fat, losing muscle, not enjoying, or even having, sex………I’d be depressed. A lot of unhappy depressed guys become very happy once testosterone levels are restored. I think you’ll need to look elsewhere for help.


Thanks for the response. Ya here a lot of clinics are called telenet clinics. So you have a nurse do the evaluation blood pressure etc then she calls up a doctor via video call and go over everything. Similar to a standard walk in clinic where the doc doesn’t know you there either. My GP hours are reduced and I wasn’t able to make it to his office but this clinic is attached to his office so i figured getting the blood started through them would help. What is dumb is the nurse was on board with getting test levels checked before the video call. She even suggested it which I thought was perfect then she sorta clams up when the doctor is asking me about whether I wanna self harm or think the world is better if I’m not in it like wtf. She clearly had a depression angle agenda . She was almost going to give me meds for that I think. So I’m thinking of getting this work done just because hey why not but maybe getting a private test check done on my own to bring in to my gp when I see him. Anyone have a place within Ontario that’s moderately cheap and will do the required tests?


Sorry I didn’t mention symptoms but here’s my rundown
39 yrs old
5’10 227lbs
Didn’t measure my waist but wear a 36 pant.
Workout 4-5 times a week powerlifting
Diet is pretty good. Keep processed foods down. Consume about 3500+- calories
Hair is thinning on top
Light body hair elwhere. More on shoulders and back than I recall . Facial hair pretty thick
Main symptoms would be lack of energy or motivation. Sleep is not great. Wake up several times a night. Not for bathroom breaks just wake up. Morning wood is non existent which I never even thought about till joining here. Libido isn’t terrible it could be better and perhaps a little stronger. No meds except Tylenol when needed for headache or aches. Don’t smoke and rarely drink anymore. Supplement with creatine which I recently stopped because I was getting bad acid reflux so I was ruling things out. I use PWO but prob gonna stop that soon because I don’t see any real added benefit except a lighter wallet. I’ve been getting more irritable and moody a little too. Lack of energy and motivation at times. Memory is pretty shitty too. A little more abdominal fat but I figured because I’m trying to gain weight that’s what would happen.


So finally here’s the results from my latest lab. I made an appointment with my real doctor not that goofy clinic and while he was concerned about my cholesterol he also agreed to check free test and total test. Here’s the results

Total test. 9.7 Range 8.4 - 26.8 nmol/L
Free test. 231 Range 196 - 636 pmol/L

It looks on the low side so now going to make the follow up appt. other good news is I cut my cholesterol almost in half this past month . So that should make him happy. What does anyone think? Candidate for TRT?




How did you manage to cut your cholesterol in half??


He put me on a statin. And I started eating avacado toast every morning with olive oil added to it and added flax seed bread. Mine is a hereditary thing because my diet and exercise are pretty good already. So I credit the crestor with the drop. My cholesterol ratio (total cholesterol/HDL ) went from a 7.5 to like a 4.1 . Over 6 is indicative of higher risk of cardiovascular disease.