Blood Test Pre TRT, Have a Second Look?

Hi All, new member here, great site btw! Just wondering if I could get some second looks at my blood work. I am not sure why my T is on the lower end but hoped for some guidance and input on my blood work. The doctor prescribed test cyp at 50mg twice a week. Gave me HCG because I told him we were thinking we might have another child but my wife and I decided recently we are done having kids. Hopefully I am posting this in the correct format.

I have just started the TRT this week. The symptoms I have are low energy and constant fatigue, no motivation at home or work, somewhat decreased sex drive, recent weight gain etc. I don’t have an issue with erectile dysfunction at all but my erections aren’t as solid as they used to be.

age 40

height 6ft 1

waist 42 inches

weight 270 lb

facial hair average thickness and regular growth, body hair not thick, some hair on chest none on my back. Starting loosing scalp hair when I was 18

seem to carry fat evenly, noticed increased abdominal fat in the last year

health conditions, Acid Reflux since childhood due to faulty valve, vericocele surgery done when I was a teenager. Diagnosed with sleep apnea at age 34. Use CPAP to control, have not always been diligent but have been for the past few years.

Nexium to control reflux, used propecia and minoxidil for 6 months when I was 35 (nasty stuff made my penis feel numb)

eat mainly chicken and low fat cuts of beef, have eaten a lot of refined foods my whole life, lots of bread products

lifted weights on and off since I was 15. Typical endomorph,fairly muscular although this is decreasing but always been covered by layer of fat. Strength gains come easy in the gym but weight loss has always been difficult.

Testes ached (one side only) when I was in my teens, diagnosed with vericocele and had surgery

morning wood rarely present, not sure about nocturnal erections as I dont wake up often in the night.

Total Testosterone= 8.2 range 8.4-28.8 nmol/L
Free Testosterone= 200 range 196-636 pmol/L
DHEA-S= 10.8 range < 15 umol/L
Total Prolactin= 7 range 2-18 ug/L
FSH= 5 range 2-8 IU/L
LH= 3 range 2-6 IU/L
Estradiol 17 BETA= 77 range < 150 pmol/L
Cortisol 322 nmol/L
Ferritin= 314 range 22-322
DHT= 2597 range 860-3406
PSA= 0.37 range <4.0 ug/L
Fasting cholesterol=5.6 nmol/L
Fasting Insulin=59 range 20-180 pmol/L
FT3=4.7 range 3.5-6.5 pmol/L
FT4=15 range 9-23
Hemoglobin=150 range 135-175 g/l
Hematocrit=0,44 range 0.40-0.50 L/L
WBC=5.2 range 4.0-11.0 xE9/L
RBC=5.02 range 4.50-6.00 xE12/L
MCV=88.2 range 80-100 fl
MCH=29.9 range 27.5-33 pg
MCHC=339 range 305-360 g/L
RDW=13.5 range 11.5-14.5 %
Platelet Count=251 range 150-400 xE9/L
HbA1c=0.048 range <0.060

There was a bunch of other labs so please let me know if I need to add anything to this. Thanks!

Did you miss TSH?

Do you use iodized salt?

You need to loose weight. Low T is a factor in weight gain and thyroid can be too.

Check your oral body temperature:

  • when you first wake up
  • AND mid-afternoon
  • please report as F degrees

How is blood pressure and pulse rate?

Do you take supplements?

Do you have ranges for cholesterol?

See these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • things that damage your hormones
  • protocol for injections

Where are you located?

Sorry I did forget to post the following:

TSH=2.27 range 0.30-4.00 miu/L
Sodium=139 range 135-147 nmol/l - I do use some salt yes but generally don’t add extra salt to my food.
triglycerides=1.53 nmol/L
HDL Cholesterol=1.38 nmol/L
Cholesterol/HDL Ratio=4.1
LDL Cholesterol=3.52 nmol/L
NON HDL Cholesterol=4.22 nmol/L

Working on loosing weight now. My blood pressure is avg 135/85 and has been for as long as I can remember. Pulse rate usually stays around 60 bpm at rest. I don’t take any supplements but the Doctor said I need to take vitamin D because its super low according to the test.

I live in Ontario Canada. I will post my temperatures once I get them tomorrow. Thanks.

update: morning temperature was 97 deg. stayed this temperature for entire morning. Checked again the afternoon and it was 98 deg.

Just checked temperatures this weekend. Morning temp was 97 deg. and stayed that way all morning. When I checked it in the afternoon it was 98 deg.