Blood Test Numbers. Ready to Start TRT?

Thank you to any of the knowledgeable posters who comment on my blood test numbers. I’m very new at this and any advice is appreciated.
I’m 48 years old, 174cm and 82kg, so slightly overweight but nothing drastic.
I’d like to get back on T because I felt great on it.

My blood test numbers:
DHEAS 215.3 normal range 136.2-447.6
E2 25.3 normal range 25.8-60.7
LH 7.8 normal range 1.7-8.6
FSH 4.9 normal range 1.5-12.4
FREE T ALBUMIN 4.7 normal range 3.5-5.2
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN 48.23 normal range 18.3-54.1
TEST 520 normal range 249-836
FREE T 8.29 normal range 5.71-17.84
BIO AVAIL T 212 normal range 125-412


so I guess my questions are:
Are there any unusual numbers here I need to be aware of?
Is it OK for me to start TRT on these numbers?
What protocol would you recommend? (I’m thinking of every second day 25mg and possibly half a anastrazole every week to make sure my estrogen stays under control. (I do have BPH and don’t want that thing growing).

High SHBG, not unusual, but noteworthy.


Baseline PSA, Lipids, TSH, free T4, free T3, VitD.

150mg testosterone per week, 40mg DHEA daily

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Can I ask why you recommend dhea?
Also should I take any estrogen blocker?
And tyvm for your reply sir.

You’re low, get you closer to the higher end of the range and support downstream hormones.

I would wait and see how you respond. You may not need it. Most on TRT do not use an aromatase inhibitor, granted, they are those likely going the underground route. Most using a telemedicine clinic or TRT clinic probably are using one. I think many practices use a “one size fits all” protocol and I believe some of it is solely based on financials. There are a lot of differing opinions regarding E2 and E2 management. Here is one:

thank you so much for your help, I do appreciate it.

Holy crap, so inhibiting estrogen seems like a terrible idea unless you want higher fat levels, poor memory, increased risk of heart disease, higher risk of diabetes and increased bone fragility.

Be careful about the estrogen. I have a former training partner who got a pacemaker at 27, attributed largely to overuse of AI’s when he was cycling. You LH is really high for that Total Test number by the way, your boys aren’t putting out like they ought to. You might want t give HCG a go first and see if that wakes them up.

Yeah after watching that vid I’m pretty worried about inhibiting estrogen and will avoid it unless the numbers get too high.
Interesting about the high LH… I don’t understand how I can have both that and decently high levels of testosterone… I need to research it more.

How much AI was he using? Just curious. I think some people using grams a week run really high AIs.

He liked to quote some bodybuilder “Anything less than 6 grams is natural”. He never told me exactly what he was dosing. It was a solid 30 lbs every time he went on cycle and he was shooting for “zero” E2. 6’-5 and 300-310 lbs on cycle. Probably around 12% BF. He was almost skinny by Strongman standards. I was clean with a sub-300 total test (didn’t know enough to know that was low) and beat him at every single contest. we did. I’m 6’-0 and was usually around 270-280 and 23% BF give or take. He took A LOT. He had worked out locations below the hip where there was a natural pocket so he could take bigger injections without a big uncomfortable depot.

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High LH means your pituitary is yelling at your testes to produce more and they’re not keeping up.

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That gives new meaning to the words “oil change”.

So a light user!

He must have been using lots of AIs. No regards to health. It does seems strength is not nearly as dependent on gear as size is. People can be damn strong natty, look like Ronnie though, that is a different story.

They always think they know what they’re doing, but it was a lot of Bro science. They wanted me on board, a supplier was willing to sponsor me gear completely because they were sure I would be on TV if I geared up. They may have been right, but I didn’t know enough to get on anything and I was not confident they knew more than me.

Thank you!

Any links to how much HCG I should take and for how long?

Found the answer