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Blood Test, Lowest T Levels After Cycle?

27 years old, was 175lbs before first cycle which was 200mg Anadrol-50 daily week 1-7 and 500mg test enathate weekly (2 pins of 250 twice a week) weeks 1-9. Now 205lbs.

Here’s the big question: after last pin, when will T levels be at their absolute lowest for a blood test with no PCT? The goal is to see doctor, and get blood work done that shows low testosterone levels. Also if a secondary blood test is conducted two weeks later, will the T levels still be so low?

Am type one diabetic and have never been able to gain mass no matter how INCREDIBLY hard I’ve tried. 9 weeks on test E have shown me what’s possible. Even blood glucose readings have been in better range. Have had more energy and motivation than. Testosterone replacement therapy will undoubtedly benefit in more ways than one. Just need blood work that shows low T to get script.

Also have read that test sustanon is the best TRT drug on the market. And other opinions? Thanks in advance for input. Trying to improve my life is complicated haha.