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Blood Test Levels Before/After Injection

Hi all done a basic blood test and test levels came back at 24.10 nmol/L

Literally about a hour later jabbed test e at 105mg and forgot I had to do another blood test. Done this test and posted.

The next day the first blood test came back at 24.10

Then the next test came back at 97.80 nmol/L

Anyone experience this or point out anything, new to all this
Thanks in advance

Your test peaks 24-48 hours post injection so this makes perfect sense. Also, you need to consult an endo regarding your thyroid. TSH is way high. Ideally it should be 1-2.

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Agree with @blshaw on thyroid advice. You need more labs to see what all your thyroid values are at least as a start. Seeing a doctor is also advisable.