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Blood Test: Iron Level Too High

Cycling on and off 2 years / TRT 2 years
All my previews blood test were perfect
And now I got my Iron level too high.
I’m going to Doc next week to discuss more about it.
So I came here to ask you few questions becaouse I’m worried about it.

Additional information:
Multi Vitamin
Vitamin C
Multi Minerals
Fish oil
Iso protein

Did anyone has problems with Iron levels?
Should I be worried?
Is it from AAS or it’s genetics

Let me see the labs, how’s you’re skin? Any spots of pigmentation, do you have Ferratin as well as iron tested. Do you have or have had any form of liver disease or anaemia? A forum full of bodybuilders isn’t the best place to ask. You may have hemochromatosis. Whether it’s primary or secondary and whether you actually have this condition depends on the labs you show, and answers to some of the previous questions I asked. Once again I’m not diagnosing you with anything, I’m stating a possibility

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