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Blood Test, High Levels of T

I cant ignore that I need to do a blood test after so much time and the doctors asking of me.
my worries are the crazy numbers they will see.

what do I say when I DO NOT want to say im taking gear. trenA, test e and recently stanozalol as c19 has caused shipment issues my guy says. not all together. right now, a drop of trenA, a drop of stanozalol, and a drop of testE totol daily shot (for consistency) is 1/4-1/3 cc.

I havent taken it yet but want to get some points of view from veterans. test is going to be crazy high. probably cholestorals running opposites of what they should be. possible kidney/liver issues.

I do have some issue with #1/ not sure if thats an issue. sometimes it shoots out like a rocket for massive amount of time and then other times it comes out with delay or takes forever to finish what seems like 1/4 cup.

I had a bad motorcycle accident last year. tons of broken ribs/collar bone and collapsed left lung.
it has caused me massive water retention since then. since the day I was in the hospital but they said it will go away. it didnt go away. I could hardly put my sneakers on to walk. I had to fight with doctors to give me Furosemide pills to give me relief.

pressing my finger into my shin will cause an imprint. ive gotten some water pills and it helps alleviate bloating, hardness of breathing and back pain as well. shiny skin there and massive itching

1-dr is giving me a hard time to get a water pill on a daily level to relieve the swelling thats been with me for over a year. when I did get them, in a day I felt fantastic after 2-3 hours it would kick in and water works galore.

2-I eat 2 meals of 6 eggs each (yolks/whites) can I say the cholestorol being bad is from that?

3-how do I explain the crazy numbers that probably will show up on the test?

4-is there anything over the counter that REALLY works to relieve water rentention? I eat very clean but cant remove this puffiness I have nonstop.

Are they going to test hormones for this? If not just say your diet sucks and tell them you’ll clean it up. Take your water pill, sounds important

hormones…testosterone I think is in the list. its in the system of what needs checking so im almost certain

possible thyroid tsh etc.
not sure what else. its not written on paper, but digitally in the system.

I dont think its going to fly if I say my diet is off. I look like I workout…

How often are the blood tests?

Yeah test would likely look way elevated. E2 as well cos of the Tren (if they use the standard test).

What’s the downside if you admit you’re on gear? Is this for a job or health insurance or something like that? There’s the chance your doc may not care, just give you the ‘be healthy’ lecture

I should be doing once a year.
I havent done in a few. was in hospital from bad bike accident so there I had it done but under unreasnable situation

my only worry is the damn doc is giving me a hard time with some water pills. it feels like crap im bloating too much. I have obvious swelling and its like im pulling teeth to get pills from here. I had a past doc that finally gave me some. i tried to make it last and only took one every few days. also not to relieve too much minerals. but the damn swelling is always there. I have an apt to go to do doplar radar scan for my legs…maybe theres an issue there, but the water retention is all over. just specifically noticeable. maybe lymphotic system is bad. I have no idea. sorry for bad english and if im not making sense

im also worried if the tren did liver/kidney damage. dont know what it really affects. I took prolonged use but not large doses. just consistent amounts. usually around 2.5cc a week. and thats half test E and half tren A. I felt those 2 gave me consistent small gains. I dont like the ups and down of cycles and with my adrenal disease (addison’s disease) I have I cant really stop or id drop like crazy all muscle mass. cheers