Blood Test; High Globulin

Just got bloods back, main point of interest from the results was my globulin came back high at
Globulin 44.4gl
Ref; 19-35gl

A quick read says this can be caused by inflammation, autoimmune disease, infection and cancers amongst other things.
I recently started hGH and had an apparent allergic response, I’m thinking this may possibly be something to look towards before bothering my doctor as I’d rather get an idea of what may be going on before tying up my doctors time with something that is probably my fault and within my power to rectify.

blood tests show high globulin, am I gonna die horribly?

Just posted the following on another forum I am on that has a group where you can post medical questions and get answers. They don’t seem into TRT very much and I’ve heard crap talked about steroids but the actual advice can be top notch. Will update this if anything of interest.

Short version;
I am on self prescribed TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) blood work came back with high globulin.

Globulin 44.4gl
Ref; 19-35gl

I added hGH recently and seemed to have a mild (known) allergic reaction which seemed controlled by an antihistamine. Could this reaction cause the high reading?

More info;
Have done bloods frequently and never had this before, most of the other possible reasons (from Dr. Google) I think I can rule out and I’m loath to credit to one thing that I’m not too concerned about (as I can just stop and recheck in a week or so) in case it isn’t caused by this and I miss something bigger. I could obviously go to my doctor (its on record I do TRT) but don’t want to waste their time if its my fault and easily rectified.

Almost certainly not connected but could a bad cold coming on cause this high a reading? 36 hours after the blood draw I had a bad cold, I credited this to the flu and/or covid booster I received just after the blood draw but maybe It was brewing? (although seems unlikely).
Bloods are expensive so I want to make sure I do it at the right time, doctors time is more precious so I really don’t want to waste theirs yet.
Any thoughts please?

I’ve added this to the other site;

Couple of other things that may play into this, first I’ve just heard a few people I know do have a bad cold similar to mine and around the same time so possibly not jab related?

And secondly I have had a bad shoulder injury lately which was sore but not bad in the week of the bloods, could this sort of inflammation be a cause?
It say’s that inflammation can cause this but seems to point more towards serious disease states rather than pulled/torn muscles?

All other markers were within parameters (except LH and FSH obviously).

No probably not and your explanation makes sense. How about some context with historical Globulin values prior to hGH use. Also watch your Hct as higher Globulin may indicate your plasma viscosity has increased. Always a concern when you crank on your Hct with AAS (if predisposed) and then also crank on your plasma proteins with inflammatory response from hCG/hHG (potential double whammy on your whole blood viscosity - WBV).

Never got much interest here but something to keep in mind as you get older:

Thanks @readalot
I’ve checked a couple of older tests, one came back (from 2020) with a reading of
globulin 41.1 g/l
19 - 35 g/L
I remember the doc at the time wasn’t concerned as everything else was ok.

My current bloods all seem within limits, I am on daily aspirin and clopidogrel which may be helping to keep things in line? Blood pressure is always pretty good too.

Haemoglobin 139
130 - 170 g/L
Red Blood Cells 4.42
4.40 - 5.80 x10 (12/L)
Haematocrit 0.403
0.380 - 0.500 L/L
Mean Cell Volume 91.1
81 - 98 fl
Red Cell Distribution 13.5
11.5 - 14.4 %
Mean Cell Haemoglobin 31.4
27.0 - 33.0 pg
MCHC 345
300 - 350 g/L
Platelets 256
150 - 400 x10 (9/L)
MPV 11.00
7 - 13 fl
White Blood Cells 6.8
3.0 - 10.0 x10 (9/L)
(the numbers in brackets are meant to be small but i cant replicate this here sorry).

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Great. Minor elevation. Best wishes.

I got a few replies on the other site, some not too much help but its nice that people get in touch…
But one which said

If you are otherwise well, in the absence of any other deranged blood work (FBC, UEC, LFT), a one off mildly elevated Globulin is not anything to be concerned about.

Recheck in 6 weeks

Med pro

I thanked the poster and also thought again how lucky we are to have @readalot on the site

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I had bloods done again and globulin was within range but light chains very high so sent for further tests at hematology. Got the results yesterday and I have MGUS, I’m down to be monitored regularly but otherwise all good. Thanks very much for the help.

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