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Blood Test Friday. How to Lower T for Test?

Hey everyone. Hope all is well. I finally switched doctors from a previous doc that refused to prescribe me any T treatments because I was just border line low.

So this new doctor, he is willing to prescribe injectable testosterone as long as my blood work comes back showing significant drop in testosterone levels.

So my question is, how can I lower my testosterone levels as much as I can before the day of the blood test (this Friday)?

I’ve heard the following:

  • Don’t sleep the night before the blood test
  • Drink alcohol

Is there anything else?

Would love to hear some suggestions! Thanks!

what were your previous blood test results?

total T
free T


are you trying to get on TRT or just get a script to start stockpiling some cheap pharma Test?

Never got the results on paper, just got it read to me cause they charge you for prints outs here in Ontario.

Just want a script for Test E

I would have to say:

Don’t sleep, don’t eat, stay up on the computer, take lots of melatonin the night before (warning: you will feel FUCKING BAD).

Melatonin is known to inhibit LH production.
I once took 20mg of melatonin (half of it was slow release) and the next day I felt SOOO bad. Aside from having a hard time keeping my eyes open, I felt extremely weak and incapable of taking the day on, low self esteem, etc.
Whether that was due to the melatonin inhibiting LH I don’t know, but my understanding is that it can lower your test.

let me just share some perspective with you:

first off, I’m not against steroids at all, for TRT or “recreational” use. I am against faking a test, especially in a situation where you’ve gotten tested before, never saw the results for yourself, don’t know what they were other than “low”. Maybe you need to be on testosterone, or maybe you don’t- without test results in your hand to really know what you’re talking about, you may be going forward with something that is unnecessary, and if it’s unnecessary let me assure you- it’s a pain in the ass.

I am on TRT now going on 4 months, since a month or two in the extreme fatigue I was experiencing has been GONE. there’s been a day here or there where I feel it, but this stuff isn’t magic and can’t undo several nights in a row of bad sleep, etc. My workouts haven’t changed, my strength hasn’t skyrocketed, I’m not gaining slabs of muscle- I simply don’t have the fatigue anymore. Perhaps if I were on the weaker side before I would’ve seen obvious strength increases, who knows. Point being- true TRT isn’t worth it unless you NEED it!

anyway- to get a script FOR TRT PURPOSES- I’d really suggest making sure you actually need it first by not faking the test. if you truly have low numbers there’s no need- take your low numbers and your multiple symptoms I’d assume you have, and tell the doc exactly what you want. if doc won’t play ball find a new one that will. i think in a lot of cases a doc can be pursueded by simply asking “well can we try X for a month and see how it goes?” even if they don’t think it’s the best idea- it’s one month, not a big deal. then in a month you tell them you feel great and want to keep going.

if you want to get the script under the guise of TRT, to then stockpile for some cycles…fuck it, have at it. just keep in mind with a TRT dose prescription it will take you a while (8-10months) to build up enough for a legit cycle, and you’ll have blood tests in the mean time that the doc will find odd results if you actually aren’t using the Test.

Just some things to think about.

lastly- don’t know how it is in Canada, but if you get to the point of getting the script, remember Test Cyp and Test E are very similar, so if doc is willing to write Cyp no point in quibbling over it. I only say this because T Cyp seems to be the most common here in the US. Some get Prop but I think that’s more from clinics than Docs.