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Blood Test for Tren

IDK why but this fucking is impossible for me to find the answer to on the internet. I am currently taking test 350mg/tren 525mg, now I want to get a blood test. I know I will get teh standard Female Hormonal Panel, but I also want to see my Prolactin/progesterone . But I am not sure which one I need to get? The Prolactin test or the progesterone test? Privatemdlabs has a bloodtest for each however I just want one of them(its like $50 per test), and ideally I don’t want to spend more then 100 bucks.

So which one should you get when on tren? Prolactin or progesterone test?

Also do you guys think it would be advise to get lipid values as well?

Cannot answer for sure but I can say anorgasmia and tren gyno are caused directly by increased prolactin (progesterone signals the PG to release more).

Also, do you need a discount code?