Blood Test after Keto Diet


I’m on keto diet now, over 1 month i will have blood test. Can i expect some diffrent test from normalm, really need answer?

yeah - your bun test will be elevated. as long as you are not also taking creatine, there should not be any alarms raised by your doc.

edit ++

i am assuming you are taking over 150 gms of protein a day

The last keto type diet I did was the Velocity Diet. Granted, it’s a lot different from your normal Atkins diet but still virtually no carbs. I had my blood work done before and after and everything improved. My LDL went down, HDL went up and triglycerides were at 32. I was pretty happy with the results.

I don’t know if you saw my other posts on the same topic. My blood tests were actually worse. Triglycerides were too high, HDLs were very low, liver AST high and so was my creatinine. Even homocystiene was high but can’t compare that to anything because it was the first time I’ve ever tested it. Had plenty of blood work done in the past always with good results. Thinking maybe it was too much saturated fats compared to the good fats.