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Blood Test After Cycle

I had my blood work done in January '05 came back with low Test readings. Dr. started giving me 250 mg every 2 weeks to try to get it back up to the higher ranges. In June I started my first cycle of Test-E @ 500 mg. a week. I am now in my second week of my second cycle this time with Test-Cyp @ 400 mg a week.

I will be done in late December. How long should I wait to get my blood work reran, and will me taking these 2 cycles effect the outcome of the tests?
Will the blood work show the synthetic testosterones?

Wait around 3 weeks after your last Test Cyp injection before you run your bloodwork.

The esters would have cleared by then.

No, what you took for your 2 cycles won’t appear in your blood test, unless they specifically are screening for steroids.

I appreciate the help.

Many docs also look at basic blood work to see if the read blood cell levels are abnormally high, as a rare few will get that even on 100mg/week of T and need to have go to the blood bank to normalize levels. So checking for that is due diligence.

I asked my doc if that blood work expense really had any value and he explained this and told me about one of his patients that has that problem. Testing for sports competion also looks for that as an indictor of roid use. I can’t remember the term… ?hemocrit?.

There may be other teltale signs other than elevated FT and TT levels.

If the testes are supressed, T levels might be subnormal and E might be high. Think of all of the PCT issues.